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4 Ways Mobile Ordering & payment Can Improve Your Brewery Operations

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Operating a brewery in today’s ever-changing world can be a challenge, there’s no arguing that.  Our founder was a brewery owner himself so he knows firsthand how difficult it can be. It takes more than great beers, fantastic service, and a cool atmosphere to gain an edge.

As a brewery guest, there’s only one thing worse than waiting in a line wrapped outside the taproom to order a beer… standing in that same wrap-around line just to close out your tab at the end of your experience. We have all done it. With Mobile Ordering & Payment, standing in long lines is the thing of the past.

Here are just a few ways Mobile Ordering & Payment can improve your day to day brewery operations

Optimize Your Menu

What pairs better: a stout and a flannel or a pumpkin ale and a sweater? Either way both pumpkin and stout season are upon us (International Stout Day is November 3th) so take full advantage of seasonal food and drinks by featuring those items first on your menu. Allow your guests to order their fall favorites without having to scroll through your entire menu. It’s just a fact that limited released, seasonal and specialty beers are the most popular so why not make sure it’s the first item your guests see.

Holiday pro tip: add your holiday gift packs as pre-orders so guests can order ahead of time and you can beat the holiday season rush.

Set Guest Expectations

To give your guests the best experience, you have to set their expectations.  What’s the easiest way to set an expectation? Communication, maybe even over-communication. When a guest scans into your menu, it’s important to let them know what’s going on in the taproom. Try promoting your new mug club or let them know about the happy hour specials. Notices are a great way to communicate with your guests and also set expectations. For example, if to-go orders need to be picked up at the bar, let your guests know with a notice.

Holiday pro tip: Add a notice today that allows guests to redeem a 15% off coupon on their next growler.

Allow Guests To Order What They Want, When They Want It

What’s the easiest way to get a customer to stay longer in the taproom and spend more money? By allowing your guests to order what they want when they want it. With mobile order and pay, your guests have the opportunity to order that Double IPA from the outdoor patio, the bar or their car (to-go orders).

Holiday pro tip: Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for gifts this year, order your friend’s favorite six pack ahead of time.

Streamline & Route Orders

With Mobile Order & Pay guests have the flexibility to order from anywhere in the venue. Was the beer order placed from the patio, inside the taproom or for pick up? It’s important to know where the order came from in order to make your beer pourers and runners effective.  This way multiple orders from one location can be dropped off all at the same time. Orders can be routed to different stations depending on where in the venue the order was placed.  Less steps for your employees makes for more time to interact with your guests.

Holiday pro tip: Looking to host your company’s holiday party at the local brewery? Start a tab and share it allowing your coworkers to add their orders all to one tab.

We understand your brewery operations are more complicated than this. We hosted a Brewery webinar on November 9th to learn how GoTab can make your brewery more money while bringing your guests the best experience possible.  If you missed the webinar, don’t worry! The recording is below.

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