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A Guide To Online Ordering For Restaurants

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Restaurant online ordering is a way for customers to purchase meals online via website or mobile phone. These items can be enjoyed within the establishment, picked up, or delivered. In the past, online ordering was scarcely available. Now, it’s almost everywhere you go. But what’s so great about it? There are many benefits to having online ordering available at your restaurant. 

Benefits to Online Ordering

  1. Streamlined restaurant operations: when customers send their orders online, it decreases the amount of time staff members need to be on the phone taking orders. 
  2. An improved customer experience: when the ordering process is easy, customers are more likely to complete an order. 
  3. More time to browse the menu: not only does an online menu provide more information about food options, but it allows customers to take their time browsing the menu. 
  4. More customer control over orders: because customers manage their own orders, they have the ability to order exactly what they want, providing clear and specific instructions. 
  5. Easier to place large orders: ordering online decreases the possibility of miscommunication and increases customer satisfaction. 
  6. Increased transaction amounts: Since customers have more time to browse the menu, there is a greater chance they will add extra items to their order. 
  7. Fewer abandoned orders: customers pay for their order digitally when ordering online. This reduces the chances of fake or abandoned orders. As a result, you reduce your risk and ensure you are receiving payment.

Terms to know

There are several terms that are useful to know when considering and setting up online ordering for your restaurant. 

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  1. Mobile order: order, pick up, and pay- all from your mobile device. 
  2. Take out: food that is prepared, picked up, and taken outside to enjoy. 
  3. Curbside pickup: customers call ahead and order food, pull up to the establishment, and a server delivers the food as you wait in the car. 
  4. Off-premise dining: any dining experience that takes place off restaurant grounds. 
  5. First party delivery: when the restaurant directly provides delivery. 
  6. Third party delivery: food delivery handled on the behalf of the business. This includes Doordash, UberEats, and GrubHub. 

Setting up online ordering

Now that you are aware of the benefits and important terms, let’s talk about setting up online ordering for your establishment. Online ordering provides a digital way for guests to order food directly from your restaurant. Through an online ordering service, your restaurant is involved in every step of the process. This means setting up your menu, facilitating orders, and completing transactions. 

When setting up your menu there are several things to keep in mind. Think of the process customers would go through when ordering food online. Consider including pictures, descriptions of your menu items, and other things that make your food more appealing. Answer the question of how you can provide guests with a personal experience, especially when they are ordering food for delivery or pick-up.  

When adding something new to your business, your staff is going to have a lot of questions. Inform them of the role they each play in this new dining experience, and train them so they are equipped to handle any questions customers may have. Consider hosting a training session with all staff members and talk through any questions or concerns. 

GoTab is here when you are ready to set up your restaurant’s online ordering system. Contact us today to get started! 

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