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Benefits For Servers And Improved Guest Experience Using GoTab’s POS System

Steps of Service have remained largely the same for restaurants over the years. Today, servers face an array of demands and challenges ranging from working on understaffed shifts to managing evolving guest expectations. Instead of being bogged down with taking orders, entering orders into the POS and processing payments, restaurant technology has stepped in to minimize server time spent on those tasks, opening up time to focus on introducing guests to a menu or venue, making recommendations and connecting with guests.

The new version of Steps of Service allows servers to put hospitality at the forefront of their role and includes an array of tools that elevate today’s service models. The GoTab POS works in tandem with traditional service to improve the guest experience. Servers who become fluent in these technology features can serve their guests better, handle larger sections to increase their income, and minimize errors.

Guest-Centric POS Elevates Steps Of Service

Though specifics vary from restaurant to restaurant, guests engage with hosts and servers around greeting, ordering and payment processing.

GoTab POS Brings Hospitality To The Forefront


Hosts greet the guest at the door. Instead of directing guests  to wait around or view the printed menu while they wait, GoTab POS-enabled hosts can open a guest tab with a simple swipe or dip to set guests up to order how they desire (via QR or directly from servers) throughout their visit. Guests that start their experience at the bar, can share the tab with others in their party Servers, and bartenders can all add to the tab in real-time. There is no need for guests to interrupt their experience and close-up their check when moving to a table or another area of the venue. This saves servers and bartenders crucial minutes in their shift, allowing them to work more smoothly and focus on the guest experience.

Improve Guest Experience During Ordering

guests on GoTab on phone

Servers greet guests at their table and begin the order taking process, leaving the table to run and input the order. With the GoTab POS, servers or guests can easily add orders to the same tab. The time servers traditionally spend running around to find an available POS, or asking a question of the manager or chef is now spent with guests, learning about their preferences and making recommendations based on their menu knowledge. 

Servers can now manage more tables with less effort, increasing their capacity and their sales.  They are able to share the tab with guests, or make the tab discoverable to the guest, so if they have additional guests join the party, the guest can order right away if the server is not there.  Servers also benefit from the transparency of the system. Menu items are tracked by who ordered on the tab, so gratuities can be split accurately and in line with the restaurant’s system. Tips are now increased by having more touch points with guests. The most successful locations place a huge emphasis on the human connection aspect of dining. GoTab allows servers to spend more time guiding the guest experience.

GoTab POS Makes Payment Processing Easy For Servers & Guests

In the traditional steps of service, time is allotted to process payments. Between dropping the check, and returning to see if guests are ready to pay, processing the payment, and returning the card to the guest, it is a cumbersome process. With the GoTab POS, the guest experience is improved because guests are able to close out at their own pace. If they want to split the check amongst themselves or if they are ready to go when there is not a server around, they have the option right at their fingertips. This allows the server to focus on the whole experience and ensure guests’ needs are being met, and that they are growing loyalty with their guests.

Keem Hughly

Director of Sales at Maketto

By turning our staff into a team of multi-faceted, customer service experts, we’ve given them the opportunity to learn more and grow in their position at Maketto. Instead of having 10-12 FOH people on the floor at once, we now have 5 people to ensure our guests have the best experience on-site. This also means our tip pool is smaller and so our staff earns more tips than they did in the past.

GoTab’s POS Benefits Servers & Guests

Traditionally, a POS is the pulse of your restaurant. Using GoTab’s cloud-based technology, you can make the customer pulse. You can bring a more modern, customized element to your guest experience and improve control and satisfaction as well as speed turn times.  The GoTab POS gives you the flexibility to know what your guests order and where they want the order delivered. Servers can offer faster, personal service because they can seamlessly transition guests from counter-service to table-service, and back again. The entire operation is more efficient and more profitable. Managers can optimize scheduling by having server stats at their fingertips and servers can track their own performance to increase income. With the GoTab POS your guests and your staff are prepared to have a better experience than ever before.

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