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Brew Haven Tap House Relies on GoTab’s POS to Run Efficient Operations

Brew Haven

Leveraging the full POS features of the cloud-based solution for its beer garden at RodeoX

Nestled in the Rodeo X Public Market, Brew Haven Tap House offers a curated drinking experience, serving up local brews from sister brewery Bearded Tang Brewing. With a large indoor footprint as well as an expansive outdoor beer garden to cover, the team has been relying on the GoTab POS to run seamless, efficient operations throughout the space. Equipped with 2 full terminals, tablets and handheld payment terminals, Brew Haven’s beertenders take full advantage of GoTab’s intuitive features to process guest orders and payments.

Seamless Order Processing

With a big indoor space inside the Rodeo X Public Market at New Haven Marketplace, and a large reserved patio area outdoors, the team implemented two different service models within the beer garden. Inside, guests are able to order directly at the bar, and grab a bar seat or table to enjoy their drinks. The bar staff can open tabs, check on live sales, and process orders and payments on the full terminals. A truly intuitive POS, GoTab helps the team behind the bar easily streamline orders and handle a large volume of drinks when the beer garden gets busy. They can also split and merge tabs for guests, which provides greater flexibility for payment processing, especially when large groups look to check out after spending time together at the beer garden.

Outside, customers can settle in at their table and have a beertender handle their orders. Staff use portable tablets to open tabs, take orders and add drinks, and switch to the payment terminals to help guests pay once they’re ready to leave. They can also use the terminals to process any drink orders,  add/remove items and provide feedback via the POS. This system and service model allows beertenders to expand their knowledge, and serve as guides to guests discovering the different beers served at Brew Haven, ensuring attentive service and customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Menu Management

Out of the many capabilities the GoTab POS provides, the menu management features are the ones that particularly come in handy at Brew Haven. Managers are able to make updates to the menu in real time, and rotate the beers on the menu as often as 2 to 3 times per week. Having the ability to update the drinks catalog from the terminals, tablets or even from a laptop saves the team a lot of precious time. They can also easily add and adjust categories, schedules, the order of the menu, etc. from different devices. Management can set up menu modifiers (discounts, seasonally-amended menu items),  standard tax and default tip rates as well as enable, disable or 86 items on demand. Guests and servers have access to a continuously up-to-date catalog of craft brews, eliminating almost all order fulfillment issues.

Performance Reporting & Analytics Improve Operational Plans

The Brew Haven management team particularly relies on the GoTab POS reporting and analytics, frequently pulling a product mix report that helps them track the performance of their rotating craft beers and menu items. By identifying the most or least ordered items on the menu, they can modify their offerings to maximize sales or incentivize guests with discounts or special offers on certain menu items. Some of the sales reporting functions and analytics also sync up with the accounting process, simplifying the team’s revenue management responsibilities and helping them save precious time. “By providing such an easy and straightforward access to performance indicators and sales data, the GoTab POS allows us to make swift operational changes that have an immediate impact on our bottom line,” said Jennifer Zamora, General Manager of Bearded Tang Brewing.

By providing such an easy and straightforward access to performance indicators and sales data, the GoTab POS allows us to make swift operational changes that have an immediate impact on our bottom line.

– Jennifer Zamora, General Manager of Bearded Tang Brewing
Collection of devices with GoTab software on screen.

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