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Breweries: 4 Common Misconceptions About Ordering Platforms


Having the right tech stack that fits your operation is key to any successful brewery. We know how important the right grain, hops, yeast and water recipe is to the success of your brewery. We’ve got you covered on just about everything else.

There are many misconceptions about brewing ordering software and we are here to debunk them.

Brewery Ordering Platform…

Takes Away From the Human Touch

Introducing brewery ordering software in your taproom can actually increase more meaningful conversations between employees and customers. With the help of self-ordering, employees have more time to give suggestions and make meaningful connections. Less time is being wasted by taking someone’s order and ringing it into the system. Guests are able to browse through beer menus at their leisure without feeling the pressure of knowing their order when they get up to the counter or when the server comes over to take their order.

Is Just for the Tech-Savvy Users

At first introducing any new software can present some growing pain challenges. With some training and time, implementing brewery ordering software is a lot less painful than it’s made out to be. For example, prior to the pandemic, no one knew how to use a QR code. Now people use them daily for a number of different use cases.

Is Too Expensive

Brewery ordering software can potentially be a higher cost at first but it will pay for itself in the end. Whether it’s an inventory management tool or a system to track usage, these systems help identify opportunities to save money month to month. Those savings can really add up once you choose the ordering software’s that works for your brewery’s operations. Just think about how much product is lost to mispouring or how much time a server wastes closing out their register each night. Those are just two examples of wasting money that could be saved.

Is Only for Large, Multi-Location Breweries

Brewery ordering platforms can benefit the largest breweries to the smallest brewpubs.  Surprisingly both share similar challenges and problems. No matter what size, ordering softwares can give all types of breweries an advantage

GoTab was created by a brewer with brewery-focused needs in mind. Our co-founder and CEO was running his own breweries when the concept of GoTab was created. With that in mind, we understand how hard it can be to choose the right systems for your operation.

Now this was just a short list of misconceptions, we are happy to debunk any other concerns or questions you may have. For a personalized meeting with one of our brewery specialized account executives, request a demo today.

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