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Cloud-Based System: Why Your Restaurant Needs It

If you’re in the market for a restaurant POS system, you’ll be faced with deciding between a legacy system or a cloud-based Point-of-Sale (POS).A cloud POS is beneficial whether you have one location or multiple.. It streamlines and centralizes your data, allowing you to access valuable information including sales transactions, inventory and more from anywhere.

Cloud-Based POS vs. Legacy POS

A cloud-based POS is a web-hosted point of sale (POS) that stores data on remote servers. This data is accessible wherever there is wifi. A legacy POS stores data on local servers and runs on a closed internal network. 

Think of it this way- you store family photos on your home computer. With a legacy system, you can only access the photos on said home computer, whereas on a cloud-based system you could access the photos anywhere that has internet access. 

Unlike legacy systems, cloud-based systems can support handheld devices that send orders straight to the kitchen or bar, while also storing customer information in the cloud. Cloud-based systems allow for easier, faster, and more seamless guest experience. Guests can easily order, receive their food, and pay their bill. 

Cloud-Based System: Why You Need It

Cloud-based POS systems let operators store transactions, inventory, employee information and other business data on a remote server. This technology provides restaurant owners the opportunity to operate effectively for their consumer base. Transactions are faster, safer, and track more data. 

A Cloud-Based System Allows For IT Savings

POS platforms in the cloud are considerably cheaper than legacy systems. Traditional POS systems tend to have high upfront costs and require on-site maintenance which might slow down operations. Cloud based systems have little to no upfront fees and are charged via subscription. Being in the cloud, the system updates happen automatically and any issues are resolved remotely. 

A Cloud-Based System Enhances The Customer Experience

Integrate with tablets and smartphones with modern cloud-based POS systems. This will help increase the speed and efficiency of front-of-house services meaning customers are served faster and the kitchen staff receives orders in real time. 

Without cloud-based tools, customer personalization is limited by staff memory. Through integrated CRM systems however, you can personalize the customer experience with dietary requirements, customer preferences, birthday specials, and many other factors that give your restaurant an edge and improve the customer experience. 

Cloud-Based System Simplifies Payment Solutions

Split bills with ease and decrease wait times by offering customers the ability to pay without ever having to leave the table. The cloud makes it easy to connect with payment solutions that enable customers to pay how they want, free up your staff’s time, and gain better insights- all through a secure and encrypted network. 

Cloud-Based System Allows For Quality Control

Being able to access all of your restaurant’s data gives you greater control over your business. It opens up new opportunities to save costs, increase profitability, improve customer experiences, and maintain control. 

With cloud-based solutions, you have a centralized view of operations. You are able to update inventory orders, menu items, and pricing, all while being able to see the direct impact of those actions. With greater control over your business, the cloud helps you maintain consistently and keep your customers happy. 

Overall, cloud-based POS systems empower your restaurant to: 

  • Track sales data from any location, at any time 
  • Keep your current data as your software has automatic updates 
  • Easily integrate with e-commerce platforms 
  • Manage inventory and reduce human error 
  • Personalize promotions and interactions with customers


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