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Doubling Down on Our Customers’ Success

GoTab Customer Success Team

“[Our Customer Success Manager] has been great and is always very transparent and helpful with our constantly-changing needs. He has made a point to come out for regular site visits to understand the core challenges of our business and works quickly to address them with the rest of the GoTab team!”

– 2021 NPS Survey Respondent

Everybody says their customer service is world-class. But very few restaurant technology vendors invest as much as GoTab in timely, responsive customer service. Our customer feedback says it best, and that’s why we opened this article with quotes from actual GoTab customers. 

As representatives of a company of restaurateurs that built a product for restaurateurs, the GoTab Customer Success Team empathizes with customers in an industry that is often neglected by technology companies. Our customers are at the forefront of every decision we make as a company, and the success of our customers is the driving force behind this tremendous team. 

Interpersonal connection and the human element of hospitality are the backbone of positive dining experiences. The past two years have fundamentally altered the way restaurants do business, further compounded by staffing shortages and COVID surges. Our technology enables contactless ordering through customers’ phones while simultaneously supporting servers to do what they are passionate about: interacting with guests. But introducing technology that transforms a business model cannot happen in a vacuum.

“GoTab has been the best, most user friendly POS system I’ve used in my many years of restaurant experience. They are always on call to troubleshoot and the staff is very professional.”

– 2021 NPS Survey Respondent

GoTab’s Customer Success Team is both a support structure and a consultancy advising on how our customers can use this technology to generate new business.

GoTab Customer Success Managers focus on driving adoption, retention, and participation in new features and products while functioning as product experts and technical communications resources. The team’s dedication to continuous improvement efforts on product usability and performance further supports its ability to make the product a success for customers. In fact, many GoTab operators are performing more profitably during the pandemic with GoTab than they were without GoTab prior to the pandemic. The Customer Success Team is available 24 hours a day via chat support, phone, text, email and social media. The around-the-clock availability of the team led GoTab to be named a winner in the 2021 Excellence in Customer Service Award presented by Business Intelligence Group. With an average chat support response time of 8 minutes, the GoTab Customer Success Team is well-deserving of recognition for its efforts. 

A New Addition to Our Customer Success Model

GoTab Customer Success

Technology companies have a bad reputation in the hospitality industry. From unreliable technologies to predatory business models, operators are often dubious of new software. Due to GoTab’s strong foundation in restaurants, we made the decision to completely align ourselves with our operators in terms of our pricing structure so that we are only successful when our restaurants are.  If the restaurant does not use the platform, they are not penalized in any way. Because of the way we positioned ourselves, GoTab is fully vested in the success of our customers. Our Customer Success Team is on the forefront of this success. 

And that’s where the news gets even better for our customers. At the beginning of the year, we launched and allocated dedicated resources to Account Management. Our account managers are solely committed to helping operators get beyond the day-to-day technology questions and to think strategically about the opportunities our platform offers to help them transform their business operations. They work one-on-one with operators to discover new revenue opportunities and optimize their efficiency, whether it’s running with fewer staff or preparing for peak demand.

“Great team with the innovation mindset for today’s operations. Thank you for a great year!”

– 2021 NPS Survey Respondent

From consulting on best practices to around-the-clock support, the GoTab Customer Success Team is a driving force behind making our customers function efficiently and effectively. Unlike other Point of Sale companies, who take days or weeks to respond to support requests, the GoTab team is available within minutes. Every update we make in our system is done with the operator in mind. The team directly translates customer requests into feature updates and action. When launching new customers, the GoTab Customer Success Team is onsite installing the platform, training the staff, and ensuring a successful go-live. The GoTab Customer Success Team’s personalized responsiveness and hands-on care for customers is one of the most cited reasons by GoTab’s operators for using the platform.

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