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Maui Brewing Embraces Technology

Maui Brewing

With four locations spread out across the Maui and Oahu islands of Hawaii, Maui Brewing Co. faced many hurdles throughout the pandemic. “Here in Hawaii, we were more affected than most because, as an island, we literally shut down. People couldn’t come in or out. The swings of business were way more dramatic than on the mainland where they could still drive from point A to point B”, says Tony Ren, general manager and partner for Maui Brewing Co.

Maui Brewing Embraces Technology

Maui Brewing knew it was time for a change, one that entailed embracing technology in order to stay relevant. Having tried out various heritage POS models, Ren and the entire group at Maui Brewing realized that a cloud-based system like GoTab could provide more flexibility than traditional systems.

“We had to respond with our priorities of keeping our community safe and still serving our purpose as the community brewery,” said Ren.

For instance, when it comes to beer, the island of Maui is a bit different than say San Diego, Denver, and Portland, OR. There aren’t breweries on every corner. “If you want fresh, crafted beer, you’re coming to Maui Brewing,” says Ren. “But imagine…we went through these roller coaster bumps of business.”

With GoTab, Maui Brewing Pivots And Thrives

Maui Brewing has been able to pivot, survive, and thrive. GoTab gave them  the opportunity to seamlessly transition from table-service to counter-service. However, what ultimately sealed the deal was GoTab’s approach. “GoTab actually came back with not necessarily the most amount of boxes checked, but with the best attitude,” says Ren. GoTab actively creates new features based on operators’ needs. 

We really liked that GoTab had the ability to grow with us, to change and take steps knowing that they may not have 100% of the answers we’re looking for at this moment, but they were able to bend themselves and their team to service our needs and grow with us as times move forward.

Tony Ren, General Manager and Partner for Maui Brewing Co.

Improving The Guest Experience

Now, guests can place their orders and reorder without having to wait in line at the bar. They are able to pay at their convenience through GoTab’s mobile ordering and payment system, giving them control over their dine-in experience and reducing the time it takes for servers to input orders and take payment. By reducing these transactional tasks, Maui Brewing team members are able to spend more time having meaningful interactions with guests, answering questions about the menu, and providing recommendations that help build a memorable experience. 

At Maui Brewing, we’re always looking for ways to improve the guest experience while driving efficiency. GoTab’s easy-to-use solution allows our guests to customize their dine-in experience to how they want it- whether traditional service, or the convenience to order, re-order, and pay at their own pace.

Tony Ren

As a result, guest satisfaction has grown through faster speed of service and a more personalized hospitality approach from servers. Operational efficiencies in the front and back-of-house have increased, as well as order frequency and check averages.

“It’s very rewarding to see the momentum at Maui Brewing, and we’re honored to support its continued growth as we help to streamline the guest experience as well as operations in the front- and back-of-house,” says GoTab Founder and CEO Tim McLaughlin 

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