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Food Hall Ordering: How To Make It Easy For Guests

Food Hall

Food Halls are some of the best places to try a variety of foods from different restaurants. However, these spaces can be overwhelming to navigate. That’s why it is essential to make the ordering process as seamless as possible for your guests. The first step? Integrating mobile ordering & payment into your operations.

A Seamless Food Hall Ordering Experience

Mobile Order

When a customer walks into a food hall, they are immediately overwhelmed with all the food and beverage options laid out before them. With a unified QR code for your Food Hall, guests can walk in, scan a QR code, and see all active vendor menus as well as promotional offers. There, they can place multiple orders from different vendors with only one payment transaction. This allows staff to focus on maintaining good quality, executing ticket lines, and improving the guest experience.

Create Your Eye-Catching Menu


Once a guest scans the QR code they are given a multitude of options. In order to entice as many customers as possible and stand out among other food hall vendors, you’ll want to use your menu to your advantage. Create a menu that matches your restaurant’s branding and is easy to read. Add mouth-watering images and videos to tempt customers into placing an order. You want your menu to be easy to navigate in order to avoid any customer confusion.  

Communicate With Guests

Ordering, communication

Once orders have been placed, communicate directly with your guests from your Kitchen Display System. With two-way text communication, guests can notify you of any order modifications or allergy notations. Operators can provide updates from when an order is placed to ready for pickup, keeping guests informed on their order status. Not only does this increase communication with guests and their overall experience, it reduces wait time and order errors.

Seamless Food Hall Payments

Multiple transactions and long lines can take away from the guest experience. Streamlining your ordering and payment experience takes the pressure off not only guests, but food hall operators. By using a mobile order & payment system, a unified QR code for your food hall, guests can easily pay in one secure transaction.

To learn more about running a successful Food Hall, sign up for our webinar on November 30th here!

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