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Food Hall Seamless Ordering & Payment Experience Delivered

The Golden Mill is an award-winning food hall offering amazing self-pour drinks, unmatched cuisine and the best views in Golden, CO. The large space, originally founded as a flour mill back in 1864 where the millers hauled and sold flour to nearby mining towns like Black Hawk, Central City, Georgetown, and Idaho Springs. It then evolved into a feed store for livestock in 1954. When The Golden Mill Feed Store went up for sale in 2018, a few Golden locals knew the space had the potential for more. Together, these friends saved the local iconic landmark to “do something great for the Golden community.” Thus the opportunity for a new, reimagined Golden Mill was born.

The Situation

A high-volume venue, The Golden Mill operates two state-of-the-art self-pour tap walls and 5 distinctive food concepts. Their rotating taps feature some of the tastiest brews on the market, including many local Colorado brands.

In the main taproom, there are 46 taps for many unique beers, wines, house-made cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks, including non-alcoholic beer and kombucha. Whether they’re looking for pinot noir, margaritas, or a crisp lager, guests can find what they’re looking for. The rooftop beer wall features 16 taps for a slightly smaller selection of beers, wines, cocktails, and even sake to compliment Sushi Sora.

The Solution

Equipped with GoTab for Multi-Operator Locations and GoTab Pass, a radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, The Golden Mill is transforming its food hall operations to offer a frictionless ordering and payment experience for guests and vendors alike. After first speaking with the host, guests can configure their credit card to The Golden Mill’s branded RFID key card, creating a running tab amongst any of its five participating vendors and self-pour beverage wall. At the end of their visit, instead of waiting for a service team member to close their tab, guests simply drop their RFID card into a marked bucket at the exit and receive a receipt via text. Ideal for families, groups and those looking to explore a variety of offerings, GoTab Pass and Multi-Operator technology is driving increased sales, back-of-house efficiencies and a better guest experience for guests at The Golden Mill. 

Purpose-built for food halls, “eatertainment” venues and more, GoTab for Multi-Operator Locations provides a unified ordering experience with virtually limitless, roaming tabs, rollup reporting and revenue sharing, while empowering vendors with individualized control of their menus and transparency in sales through on-demand reporting and direct, daily payouts. For multi-vendor transactions, tips are automatically allocated by percentages of sales. In addition, with hundreds of integrations with leading restaurant management tools and technologies, operators can quickly and affordably customize the solution to suit their unique needs.

“We are an experiential gathering place offering an incredible variety of food and drink in a lively atmosphere. As we continue to innovate and improve our eatertainment concept, we sought out a technology partner that would elevate the guest experience and improve day-to-day operations. Easy to integrate, GoTab Pass has helped us create streamlined guest ordering processes and payment to our multiple licensees and enabled our licensees to better predict their hourly sales and labor needs, translating to meaningful cost savings.”

GoTab has also integrated with a self-serve beverage technology company, PourMyBeer, to enable The Golden Mill’s signature Self Pour Wall. PourMyBeer powers self-service access by allowing guests to pour their own beer, wine and other available beverages while paying by the ounce. Through the integration, all pours are added in real-time to the guest’s tab, without the need to sync each system’s product catalogs.

Susan Ganter, owner of The Golden Mill.

“As food halls reimagine their service approach to cater to the changing guest experience, we’re able to partner with incredible venues like The Golden Mill to power advanced ordering and payment through our GoTab Pass technology. With this technology offering, we’re redefining the guest experience at multi-operator venues, allowing visitors to order from various merchants under one check without having to wait in long lines or spend time on individual checkouts. As a food hall built on the foundation of community, The Golden Mill is delivering a best-in-class experience for their guests. We’re excited to be a part of what they’re building.”

Tim McLaughlin, CEO and Co-Founder of GoTab, Inc.

The Benefits

Eliminate Guest Checkout Lines and Wait Times – Guests order from all vendors on a single check, eliminating check-out lines.

Sales Transparency for Licensees & Owners – Integrated revenue sharing, rollup reporting, house fees & payout holdbacks – a one-of-its-kind solution for food hall operators.

Kitchen Display and Printer Integration – Back-of-house reduces order errors and misfires through full KDS and printer integration.

Collection of devices with GoTab software on screen.

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