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Best Technology Upgrades For Food Halls

As technology changes, food halls need to stay up-to-date. Long lines for ordering and payment can frustrate customers and hurt your sales.

So, how do you modernize your food hall? Implementing food hall technology upgrades just might be your answer.

Cloud-based technology provides opportunities for streamlining every part of the customer experience—from perusing the dining concepts to placing an order to settling up the check. When you leverage customers’ smartphones instead of relying on cash registers, you can expect shorter lines, happier customers, a germ-free environment, and an increase in revenue.

These technologies can make a food hall run more efficiently and effectively. Thinking it might be time for an upgrade? Read this guide to learn more about the best technology for your food hall.

#1 Digital Menus

Customers go to your food hall to explore a variety of different food concepts. While walking around the food court space is part of the fun, it can also be frustrating to navigate crowds and long lines to get even a glimpse of the most enticing menus.

Switching from paper menus to digital menus provides a solution that’s also environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

With a digital menu, customers can:

  • View all the dining concepts from one place—their phones
  • Stay up-to-date on items that are out-of-stock
  • See the latest promotions
  • Fully customize their order so that it fits their diet and tastes
  • Track the order from beginning to end

This restaurant tech is easy for any food court or dining hall to implement. You can also use digital menus to convey your food hall’s brand identity and voice. Link directly to your social media accounts and review pages to foster even deeper customer engagement!

#2 Custom QR Codes

Wondering how QR codes work in the restaurant industry? There are a variety of ways to create a digital menu—from designing a simple page for your website to building your own food hall app.

But one solution stands out from the pack in terms of accessibility and cost: QR codes.

You may have seen these black-and-white, square-shaped barcodes on flyers or on business cards. QR (quick response) codes can give customers access to touchless menus and promotional offers.

Because they’re small, simple, and easily recognizable, they can be placed almost anywhere. For example, if QR codes are placed on tables, customers can arrive, snag a seat,browse the menu and order all from one place.

Unsure of how this restaurant technology works?

Most if not all smartphones come with the ability to scan QR codes. Customers can open their phone cameras and gain access to your digital menu on demand.

With the right platform, customers can also call servers for help or get answers to their questions via their phones.

A QR code gives customers full control over every aspect of their experience. Thanks to their versatility, these codes are becoming a popular way to help lower person-to-person contact without sacrificing quality customer service.

#3 Digital, Cloud-Based Ordering and Payment

QR codes aren’t just for menu browsing.They can also direct users to full-service platforms where they can place orders and make payments with their smartphones.

There’s an obvious advantage to eliminating most of your cash registers (and the long lines that come with them). But the best part is that this cloud-based solution can easily integrate with your current business operations without requiring expensive machinery. Because your customer’s smartphones do most of the heavy lifting, the set-up process is quick and painless.

Some benefits of this restaurant tech include:

  • Secure and encrypted contactless ordering and payment transactions
  • The ability to monitor, track, and organize business logistics and data
  • A personalized customer dining experience

With contactless ordering and payment, customers have the option to call for assistance from a server whenever they would like. If they prefer to pay using their digital wallet, they can. And if they prefer to pay in cash or with a credit card at the register, that’s an option as well.

This technology gives customers the choice to adjust their experience to match their comfort levels, catering to every person’s individual needs.

Safety and Security

Wondering how safe and secure digital payment transactions are?

While the likelihood of a customer leaving their credit cards in the card reader is lowered, digital wallets and online payments come with their own set of risks and benefits.

The good news is that these services all have security measures, like two-factor authentication, to protect a customer’s financial information. Plus, QR codes and contactless technology don’t store any customer data or information, further ensuring their financial safety. Platforms like GoTab also encrypt transactions to offer more security.

Modernize Your Point of Sale with GoTab

While food halls offer a potentially nostalgic experience similar to food courts, they’re also a hotbed of innovation—the testing ground for restaurant and beverage concepts from every corner of the culinary universe.

Updating your service with modern technology can ensure that the customer experience matches the quality of the food you serve.

GoTab’s contactless ordering and payment system uses innovative cloud-based technology to provide a seamless and personalized experience for your customers, from viewing the menu to closing their tabs. They’ll value a service that adapts to their needs and offers secure, contactless solutions.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our solutions for food halls, try our system out for yourself and schedule a demo today.


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