Multi-Unit Operations

Brand Control with Local Flexibility

With unmatched features like multi-level menu management and full cloud capabilities, GoTab is a powerful platform to run multi-unit restaurants, breweries and hotels.

  • Frictionless Ordering & Payment

    Mobile ordering & payment, all-in-one POS and kitchen management system work seamlessly together.

  • Multi-Level Menu Management

    Centrally manage and optimize mobile menus across your entire enterprise.National-, Regional-, or Local-Level Management empowers managers with real-time access to control what’s important in their local market.Maintain consistent brand standards with as many layers as your hierarchy requires.Customize prices & descriptions; inherited menus shared with each unit to allow local name name and price changes.

  • Open, Cloud Platform Scales with Your Business

    Leverage a trusted network of accounting, staffing, enterprise resource management integrated partners and more.Make real-time updates from anywhere with simply a mobile device.Maintain product inventory, update menus in real time, and create localized menus on-the-fly.

  • Open Architecture

    Best-in-class restaurant tech ecosystem that is easy to integrate with modern solutions and tools through our API.

  • Accounting Flexibility

    Access and manage aggregate and localized accounting information. Reduce management overhead.Emphasis on flexibility, efficiency, accessibility gives you everything you need to centrally run, monitor, and measure your multi-unit operation.

I would say GoTab as contemplated pre-virus was simply an ordering utility. Now, with 100% of our activity at our restaurants going through that, now it’s not just an ordering platform but it’s an experience platform.
Dominic Engels
Former CEO, Stone Brewing Co.

Solutions for Every Service Model

Full Service

We help you serve more guests with less labor while earning bigger tips & higher check averages.

Quick Service

Bust the lines & give guests what they want when they want it with open tabs and customer-facing displays.

Online Ordering

Get a full-featured online ordering platform for food, beverage & merchandise right out of the box – at no additional cost.

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