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GoTab Helps The Delegate Streamline F&B Operations And Increase Revenue

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GoTab Helps The delegate streamline F&B operations and increase revenue

A casual, bar, restaurant and gathering space located at the Marriott Hotel, in Washington, D.C., The Delegate was gearing up for a second successful year of business when the pandemic hit. Situated by the Convention Center and with banquets, groups and events making up the bulk of the venue’s operations, the team took advantage of GoTab’s contactless ordering and payment capabilities to reimagine its rooftop service, develop safe private functions and serve luxury condominiums in the neighborhood. With GoTab, customers can easily order more food & drinks without having to flag a waiter, prompting higher check averages, higher tips, and a faster turnover on tables within the space. This streamlined process translated to 70% more revenue for The Delegate during a challenging year for the hospitality industry.

“GoTab is the best solution for contactless ordering and payment in the current landscape. It has given us the tools to pivot during this past year, and we’re excited to evolve our hospitality service model to blend technology and in-person hospitality, particularly for our luxury clientele,”

Camilo Rivera, General Manager

Leveraging GoTab’s Takeout and Delivery Features for Room Service and Meal Delivery


As banquet operations came to a standstill at the end of March 2020, The Delegate pivoted quickly and leveraged GoTab’s delivery features to expand room service beyond the Marriott property it calls home. As stay-at-home orders were implemented, The Delegate offered its menu to nearby luxury condominiums, supplying residents with a QR code on a magnet or on flyers to easily order food through GoTab. It also extended food services to nearby businesses, and created a popular brunch package for delivery that built loyalty among the neighborhood residents. Through GoTab, The Delegate was able to create branded online menus with a custom look and feel, and easily embed them into their website and create promotions & discounts. Two-way text communication with guests was one of the main features the team used extensively to ensure orders were received and guests were satisfied with their orders.

Higher Volume, Higher Check Average


With GoTab’s open tab features, The Delegate has been able to handle a higher volume of orders (dine-in and takeout), with an easy and seamless flow of guests coming through its 2,000 sq ft space. GoTab is currently the only contactless platform with native features for opening a digital tab, sharing and splitting the tab and tips, and keeping the tab open until it’s time to settle. This unique tab system helps reduce transaction fees for both the guests and the operator, providing higher revenue and profit for The Delegate. “As we adopted QR code ordering throughout our venue in late 2019, we were able to handle 25% more orders before the pandemic hit, thanks to GoTab” said Camilo Rivera, General Manager at The Delegate. 

QR code Ordering and Real-Time Menu Management


The Delegate rolled out QR code ordering in late 2019, and was able to seamlessly accept orders from their customers and train staff accordingly. Through training and education, guests quickly adopted the seamless, contactless ordering and payment features. On The Delegate staff’s end, the user-friendly restaurant commerce platform was easy to navigate, especially when it came to making menu updates or 86ing ingredients or items in real-time. The team was able to create QR codes for different sections of the venue, from the rooftop to the bar and the dining room (when restrictions were lifted), eliminating the need for print menus (and an entire budget line dedicated to printing).

Collection of devices with GoTab software on screen.

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