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GoTab Hybrid Service Model Increases Efficiency At Elo’s Italian

Elo's Italian Restaurant

Nestled in the community of Del Ray, Alexandria, Elo’s Italian is a neighborhood, family friendly restaurant named after the Chef’s daughter, Eloise. Originally called “Live Oak”, a restaurant that focused on Southern cuisine, co-owners Jeremy Barber and Justus Frank pivoted to an Italian restaurant in hopes of including takeout in their operations. Elo’s Italian restaurant now focuses on cuisine including charcuterie, cheese, pasta, focaccia flatbreads, pastries, cocktails, wine, and carryout offerings.

The Situation

When the pandemic hit, Elo’s was severely short staffed and did not offer takeout. Having to serve guests indoors and on the patio, co-owners Jeremy Barber and Justus Frank realized they had a lot of ground to cover with very little staff.

We had very little takeout and when we switched over during the pandemic and realized that takeout was a huge part of the business model, GoTab showed us that we could branch out beyond the immediate neighborhood.

Jeremy Barber, Co-Owner of Elo’s Italian

Cut Down On Labor Costs With GoTab

Elo’s Italian restaurant switched to a hybrid service model with QR ordering through GoTab. Guests on the patio can now place their orders via a QR code while guests indoors have the option of using the QR ordering or ordering through a server. As a result, the restaurant is now able to provide amazing service while maintaining fewer staff members. 

Having the menu available to the guests from the moment they sit down is great. They don’t have to wait on a server to come and see them, take their orders, and answer any questions. This cuts out lead time and unnecessary back and forth that is associated with full table service.

Justus Frank, Chef & Co-Owner of Elo’s Italian

Elo’s is known for their Tuesday Night Trivia where big groups come in, order food and drinks, and enjoy the ambiance. With the help of GoTab’s tab splitting feature guests no longer have to figure out who ordered what item and how to settle the bill, it can all be done seamlessly on their mobile devices. 

Twice a year, Elo’s also takes part in Restaurant Week, and with the help of GoTab’s easy to use mobile menu, guests from all over can come and enjoy a three course tasting menu with just a few taps on their phone. This gives Elo’s the opportunity to turn tables faster while allowing them to serve more customers. 

GoTab has helped cut down on our labor costs tremendously. It has also really cut back on bar comp’s by about 50% which really helps the restaurant as a whole. Overall, since we started working with GoTab it’s been nothing but a positive experience. It’s helped our revenue system increase, our cost of labor decrease,  and overall we are so satisfied with the product that we can’t wait to continue to use it in the future.

Jeremy Barber Co-Owner of Elo’s Italian
Collection of devices with GoTab software on screen.

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