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GoTab + 7shifts at Caboose Brewing Company

Caboose, 7Shifts

Guest-centric Contactless Service Meets Real-Time Labor Management

Caboose Brewing Company started using GoTab contactless ordering & payment in 2018. Using the platform Caboose has easily updated their service model to rapidly evolving regulations and consumer expectations. We recently received a $6 million investment round to speed product development and third-party integrations. GoTab now integrates with 7shifts, whose mission is to simplify labor management and improve performance for restaurants, resulting in reduced labor costs.

Through the GoTab/7shifts integration, operators receive real-time sales and labor data to make critical operational decisions that allow them to optimize labor costs and thrive. 

Caboose is a thriving business that leverages the GoTab/7shifts integration. Based in Northern Virginia and helmed by owner Jennifer McLaughlin, their two massive locations – Caboose Commons in Fairfax, VA, and Caboose Tavern in Vienna, VA – are a popular draw for their local neighborhoods and communities. So both venues benefit from high foot traffic and repeat guests.

By utilizing GoTab and 7shifts together, Caboose Brewing Company is able to optimize its operations through better internal communications systems, staff and guest empowerment, and timely decision-making made possible by access to real-time operational data.

A Feature-Rich Communication Hub for Staff and Guests

At Caboose Brewing Company, the philosophy is to provide fresh, well-crafted beer  and elevated food. Caboose infuses strong core values through management. Communications between FOH and BOH are crucial to their success.

The team has established 7shifts as their internal communications hub. They leverage the platform to post announcements, send messages among different groups or chat one-on-one. And, because both 7shifts and GoTab require no hardware, they handle all communications via mobile devices. 

GoTab allows guests to communicate directly with hospitality operators through the platform, optimizing communications and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Staff and Guest Empowerment 

The GoTab and 7shifts integration connects labor costs and revenue data in a single view.  The data is available in real-time and with full reporting. Now, managers can easily pull up revenue and labor costs within the same report. They can monitor operations changes in real time. That lets managers use the data to make adjustments. In addition, they can adjust schedules and make labor decisions based on what’s happening on the ground.

The 7shifts platform provides various access levels for different roles. Managers get real-time feedback on staff performance. The Caboose team managers use 7shifts as part of their daily planning regimen. “Everybody at Caboose really appreciates the level of flexibility and how they can all work together on the platform. From the floor person to the kitchen person, we get the information we need to make decisions,” commented Jennifer McLaughlin.

With GoTab, Caboose Commons can control their entire dining experience. They can order through the platform and keep their tab open throughout the meal. Adding drinks or more food is easy. At Caboose Tavern, they typically want more help from the waitstaff.

Staff can use the GoTab Mobile POS to open tabs and assist with ordering food and drinks. Next, guests and servers can alternately add items to the tab. That means guests can still feel in control of their meal. Servers are elevated as guides, all supported by a contactless FOH service model.

Real-Time Revenue and Operations Data Helps Everyone Perform at their Best

Caboose Brewing Company now runs optimally. They start every day with a real-time view of sales, revenue and labor. From that point on, they can focus on making adjustments to their labor force to improve the guest experience.

With scheduling and sales data at their fingertips, they can make real-time labor and operational decisions. Caboose Brewing Company now consistently exceeds customers’ expectations. They have the right amount of staff, in the kitchen and in the dining room. Each location features a distinct atmosphere and a unique hospitality model. It’s all powered by the integration of GoTab and 7shifts.

“Anytime an organization is running optimally, the guests will feel that,” commented Jennifer McLaughlin. “When everybody’s hustling because we’re perfectly staffed, the guests feel that. They’re all happier,” she added.

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