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GoTab Rolls Out In-Venue Ordering Suite

Food on Demand GoTab for Food Halls

Food on Demand Shares Latest GoTab Features for the Fast-Growing Food Hall Segment

FoodonDemand highlights GoTab for Multi-Operator Locations in Nicholas Upton’s September 13 article,  GoTab Rolls Out In-Venue Ordering Suite

Food On Demand publishes a weekly e-newsletter, produces timely webinars and white papers, and hosts the annual Food On Demand Conference that is the industry’s premier in-person event. The Food On Demand Conference examines new technologies and business models and the latest trends in consumer behaviors, preferences and expectations.

In the article, Upton shares, “This is yet another integration for venues, something that wasn’t moving anywhere near this fast pre-pandemic. But with new pandemic habits and the entire food-consumer base being forced to adopt digital tools, they are demanding the same level of functionality wherever they go.”

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