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Winery, Brewery and Kitchen – All-in-One on GoTab

Support for Ten Distinct Food and Beverage Settings Across Acres of Serviceable Space  

Quattro Goombas is a vibrant hospitality venue. They are using GoTab’s restaurant commerce platform and contactless ordering to run smoothly and efficiently under pandemic restrictions. Maintaining the safety and comfort of their guests and staff is their highest priority.

What makes us unique is that we have a winery, a brewery and a kitchen on site and they operate together. People are able to drink the wine if they like wine better, drink the beer if they like beer better, and have fantastic food, all in the same setting.

Claudia Pitarque, Marketing Manager, Quattro Goombas

Ending Long Lines, Serving Guests Where They Are

With their old service model, during busy times guests had to crowd around the bar and wait in line 30- to 45-minutes to place an order. They recognized the model would need to change to support proper social distancing. With GoTab, guests can now order from where they are sitting and get their food and drinks in under 10 minutes. Text communication via GoTab means no one needs to leave their space until their order is available.  

Helping Guests Get Comfortable with Contactless Ordering

The GoTab tab opening and splitting features are some of the most popular features with Quattro Goomba’s guests. Guests don’t have to order round-by-round. They pay just once after all of their ordering is done. Large parties love the tab splitting functionality. They can handle it all themselves without Quattro Goombas’ staff involvement. 

Quattro Goombas takes steps to make sure that guests are comfortable up front. In addition to providing full instructions on each of their tables, Quattro Goombas tailored their check-in process for new contactless orders. 

Hosts review the ordering process with guests at check-in. Quattro Goombas starts by helping unfamiliar guests open a tab right at the check-in location. Once the tab is open, wherever the guest sits on the property they can start ordering right away. In addition, all staff are trained on the process so help is never far away for guests who have trouble placing an order.

Each Guest Area With Its Own Menu & Expo Process

Because the property is large, each setting has unique ordering and expo requirements. GoTab supports all in an integrated way:

  • Tasting Room: Guests start their tab. Servers can add to-go bottles and additional testings using GoTab’s server-based ordering using the mobile POS.
  • Paid Reservations Spaces: These spaces offer table service with servers. Guests can open a tab, and everything gets delivered to their table. 
  • Special Parties & Events: Guests can set up a pre-order where they want to have enough food and drinks to have their guests get started; Quattro Goombas can send out the link in advance and the guest can handle that on their own.

Smooth Kitchen Operations with GoTab Kitchen Display System

GoTab frees up the Quattro Goombas’ kitchen staff with always-up-to-date menus and built-in two-way communications. Guests can view the menu and modifiers, before ordering which means they don’t need to come to the kitchen to ask questions. If they do have questions, guests can exchange text messages with the kitchen staff through the GoTab Kitchen Display System. Best of all, Quattro Goombas managers can easily 86 / disable items from anywhere on the property from a mobile device.

Because friends and family are important to the Quattro Goombas model we wanted to provide a place where everyone could gather together to celebrate, have fun and relax. GoTab has allowed us to continue that promise in a safe space. – Claudia Pitarque

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