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GoTab’s CEO Named One Of Insider Business Power Players Of 2022

Insider Business Power Player

Insider Business named 29 foodtech power players of 2022 that revolutionized how restaurants operate and deliver with a looming recession. Insider’s retail team selected winners based on nominations and their deep reporting on the sector.

GoTab’s Tim McLaughlin was named a Power Player, “GoTab is one of the more established foodtech companies on our list. Under McLaughlin, GoTab has expanded its platform to include solutions that help restaurants be even more efficient” (Luna, N. “Insider Business”, Nov. 29th 2022).

GoTab offers a Kitchen Display System that allows restaurants to control the flow of orderings that are being sent to the kitchen to ensure operations run smoothly. Another innovation, GoTab Pass, uses radio frequency identification technology to let customers pay by tapping a key card or wristband. An example of using this at a hotel would be guests using a key card to charge dinner at a hotel’s restaurant, drinks at the hotel bar, and coffee from the hotel’s coffee shop all on one tab.

While the pandemic accelerated QR-code adoption and, as a result, drove sales for our business, it really was a catalyst for reexamining how technology can improve the hospitality experience overall.

Tim McLaughlin, Co-Founder & CEO at GoTab

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