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GoTab’s Menu Design Helps Bring a Personalization to Contactless Solutions


The New Digital Integration

Restaurants’ adoption of contactless technology has accelerated over the past year, as businesses and consumers have sought out COVID-safe alternatives to any pre-pandemic practices.

In a recent PYMNTS article, they highlight how GoTab is now introducing redesigned digital menus and a contactless ordering starter kit for operators.

The redesigned menus offer an increased flexibility, allowing them to function less like an inventory list, and more like the sorts of discrete menus restaurants use for different dayparts and occasions. “The Menus lets you cross-collect your catalog, take a portion of it, construct who can see it, when they can see it, when they can order from it,” said GoTab CEO, Tim McLaughlin.

One advantage of this digital integration is that it allows the menu to curate recommendations to the consumer. The menu was not in place of restaurants’ own recommendations, but rather in addition to them. These recommendations are to be based both on the consumer’s order at that restaurant and their orders at other GoTab-enabled locations.

Touch-Free Customer Experience

In addition to in-restaurant menus, the company also offers off-premises ordering, POS hardware, apps to help with operational efficiency and additional eCommerce tools. While the recent success of contactless technology may be a direct result of contagion concerns, its popularity is expected to continue increasing well after the majority of the public is vaccinated.

Sit-down restaurants have traditionally abstained from digital innovations and other kinds of consumer-facing technology out of fear that these changes could cheapen the diner’s experience and undercut their value proposition, but these said operators are already changing their approach. In-store technology has been able to reduce labor costs and be able to use it as a marketing tool.

Flexibility OF Digital menus

With some restaurants using as much tech as possible to give their guests an excellent experience with little or no touch.The pandemic has intensified operators’ sense of urgency to adopt transformational technology, and respondents have been implementing tech that prioritizes safety and self-service in response.

With the help of GoTab, these operators have been able to redesign their digital menus and contactless ordering in order to further their business efforts. Thus offering an increased flexibility, allowing it to function with less of an inventory list, and use the menu to complete off-premises ordering.

Collection of devices with GoTab software on screen.

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