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How to Modernize College Campus Food Halls

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When it comes to the campus food hall, college students value options. Old and outdated restaurant technology can slow down students who are constantly on the go. With little time on their hands between classes and social events, waiting in lines or paying only in cash is limiting.

If you’re looking to learn how to modernize college campus food halls, the best solution is contactless ordering and payment technology. It’s a cost-effective and easy-to-use option that allows students to order and pay for their meals from anywhere using their smartphones. The dining hall service is faster and the options are limitless.

Ready to bring your campus food hall into the 21st century? Keep reading our guide to learn more about how to modernize your food hall with this digital approach.

#1 Replace Paper with Digital Alternatives

Today’s generation is more digitally connected than ever before, which means they’re hyper aware of their environmental impact and want to support sustainable practices.

In fact, a NextGen Climate Survey of individuals between ages 14 and 24 found that:

  • 83% care about the planet
  • 62% believe that their generation understands the seriousness of climate change (while only 34% believe their parents understand the seriousness)
  • 3 in 4 believe that the environment has some kind of impact on their mental health
  • 69% believe that the environment has some kind of impact on their physical health

All of this is to say that the shift from paper to digital is a beneficial decision for your residential dining halls(as well as the environment). With more modern technology, your campus dining service could meet student demands for environmentally-friendly options without risking quality service. Plus, by creating a custom QR code, your transition can be seamless.

Custom QR Codes

QR codes are central for a contactless operation. The simple, black-and-white design is distinct enough to spot from afar and small enough to put anywhere. Because this contactless menu technology is becoming more mainstream and most smartphones have built-in tools to read these codes, students won’t need a PhD to figure them out.

Your custom QR code can give access to:

  • The food hall’s digital menu
  • Promotions or special offers
  • Social media accounts
  • Your food hall’s website

Place them anywhere and everywhere—at the entrance to your campus dining service hall, on dining tables, and on walls and doors throughout campus. Any place that is visible and easy to find is ideal.

#2 Offer Seamless Transactions

With contactless ordering and payment technology, students can feel as if they’re “skipping” the line and getting ahead because they can order and pay from the comfort of their phones. This type of transaction is also easier for food hall workers who won’t need to input every order or scramble to serve a long line of students during food hall rush hours (particularly lunch time).

Plus, having multiple point-of-sales in a residence hall:

  • Reduces service wait time
  • Eliminates long lines and in turn, frustrated students and food hall employees
  • Allows several students to order and pay at once
  • Offers various methods of payment (for instance, Apple Pay or Google Pay)
  • Reduces pressure on food hall workers
  • Limits handling of cash and credit cards

Ensuring Safety and Security with Payment Methods

With hundreds of students relying on these new food hall technologies, you may be concerned about the safety of contactless payments.

However, digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay help guarantee safe and secure transactions. Card information is encrypted to protect the customer and reduce the risk of fraud or other scams. Along with that, contactless technology requires verification with each transaction and other measures to ensure security, so you can rest easy knowing your students are well-served, well-protected, and well-fed.

#3 Cater to Modern Diets

Speaking of food, another area you can modernize your college campus food hall is within your meal selection. Often, it can be difficult for students with dietary restrictions to find food options that not only adhere to their diet, but also delight and satisfy their taste buds.

In today’s modern age, students can benefit from a food hall that offers the following options:

  • Gluten free
  • Nut free
  • Soy free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher

Coupled with contactless technology, students can easily personalize their dining experience to fit their individual preferences and their meal plan options.

Stay Up-To-Date with GoTab

When looking for ways to modernize your campus food hall services, you may not have the budget or manpower to invest in a complete overhaul.

Fortunately, with GoTab, integrating our digital systems into your existing platform is easy and doesn’t require expensive, heavy machinery. Our contactless ordering tools are specifically designed to make your operations more efficient, user-friendly, and safe. Plus, because you can manage all aspects of your food hall operations from one place, you’ll have more opportunities to focus on what matters most: quality experience for your students.

Want to know more about contactless technology? Check out our website or request a demo to try it out for yourself.


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