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How to Modernize Your Business

How to Modernize Your Brewery: Tips From Our Experts

From Mesopotamia to ancient Egypt, people have worked tirelessly throughout the centuries to perfect one of the world’s oldest traditions—beer-making.

Today, there’s more variety, distinction, and possibility for breweries than at any other time in history. But with beer-makers on the rise, how do you ensure your brewery stands out?

By knowing how to modernize your business (think contactless payment and eye catching branding) you can withstand the test of time. Follow these tips to bring your brewery into the 21st century.

Modernize Through Branding

Every modern brewery has its own unique style that’s present in everything from the server’s uniforms to the labels on beer bottles. Design your brand from the bottom up to communicate with your customers exactly who you are.

Whether your style is classic industrial or retro-chic, bringing elements of your brewery’s individual aesthetic can create a cohesive brand that elevates the entire business into the modern era.

To modernize your brewery through branding and increase your business value, start by defining what feel, style, and ambiance you’re aiming for. Ask yourself:

  • If your brewery was a person, what kind of personality would they have?
  • What three words describe your brewery’s aesthetic?
  • What are the most important colors or design elements in your brewery’s brand?

The clearer your image is to you, the clearer it will be to your customers. The more distinct your brand identity is, the more memorable, shareable, and identifiable your business becomes. You can also learn how to create a mobile menu for your business, or experiment with branded QR code payment labels, creating a uniquely easy and positive experience for your customers.

Consider redesigning items like:

  • Uniforms
  • Menus
  • Decor
  • Signage
  • Bottle or can logos

Keep in mind: Your brand doesn’t have to be modern in style to modernize your business. A Wild West-influenced branding aesthetic can be just as modern as a trendy minimalist approach. So long as you commit to fitting these elements into your brewery, you’ll be enhancing your entire business.

Modernize Your Approach To Customer Engagement

Today, the route to success in a brewery is through thoughtful and capable service. It’s shown that high engagement with guests is one of the best ways to bring in repeat customers. Through an engaging menu and knowledgeable staff, you can guarantee that every customer will go home with a memorable experience.

  • Educate Your Staff – Ensure your staff knows their stuff when it comes to the brewing business process and the menu choices. The more knowledge they have to share, the more excitement and interest your customers will have in your offerings.
  • Add Personality to Your Menu – In addition to listing the beverage and food offerings on your menu, add a few eye-catching lines to each item to make your menu stand out. For example, is there a story behind a particular IPA’s name? Is the stout your personal go-to after a long day in winter? Is there a secret flavor note that ofnly a few beer-drinkers can guess in your pilsner? Imbuing your menu with a hint of narrative draws your guests in and keeps them coming back for more.
  • Encourage a Culture of Enthusiasm – There are few things better than a good, cold beer—except maybe sharing that appreciation with others. Encourage your staff and customers to chat about the flavors they’re experiencing, share recommendations, and create an environment of beer-admiring camaraderie.

Modernize Through Business Technology

A few new pieces of modern technology and technological updates can do wonders for breweries looking to modernize their business. These include working on:

  • Your Digital Presence – In this era of information, oftentimes your customers’ first impression of you as a business owner and as an establishment happens online through a customer experience review site, a social media page, or your own website. Polish up your digital presence (within your branding, of course), keep it consistently updated with new events and offerings, and you’ll ensure your first impression on a potential customer is a good one.
  • Seamless and Contactless Payments – Every brewery needs a menu, payment process automation, a good accounting software, and a way to get the product to the customer. Bring your purchase methods to the 21st century with GoTab. GoTab’s brewery POS system allows guests to order right from their own mobile device so your customers have an excellent user experience when it comes to payment and your servers can focus on what they do best: creating an amazing customer service experience from start to finish

Modernize Your Service Offerings

Drinking a delicious beer at a favorite brewery isn’t just about the taste—it’s about the experience. So, when it comes to business modernization, expand your menu to include more engaging services such as:

  • Behind-the-Scenes Tours – Brewery tours are very popular among beer connoisseurs. Have your guide walk the guests through the process from milling to filling and share a little about the history of your brewery, the brewing process, and the new recipes you’re cooking up. People usually get thirsty after a tour, so encourage a tasting at the end.
  • A Back Tasting Room – Let your customers drink amongst the kegs. A tasting room within the brewing area is a good way to give a first-hand look at the process while creating a unique ambiance your customers will love.
  • Brewing Classes – Some beer aficionados want to make the leap from drinker to brewer but don’t know where to start. Give them a little help by offering brewing classes and showing them the ropes of malting, mashing, and lautering.
  • Pairing Events – What goes better with beer than a perfectly paired meal? Reach out to local restaurants, food trucks, and catering businesses to create a menu perfectly paired with your beer – a perfect marketing strategy.

Stay Savvy with GoTab

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to modernization for small business owners. By defining your brewery’s unique brand, modernizing your approach to customer engagement, and updating your business’s technological elements, you’ll create a remarkable place for your customers to enjoy, increasing your competitive advantage along the way.

At GoTab, we make it our business to simplify and modernize the technical end so you can focus on what really matters—brewing beer and pouring pints.

Check out our services today to find the best way to revolutionize your business.


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