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How to Modernize Your Hotel


Running a successful hotel can be a tricky juggling act. For one, you have to worry about the logistical operations going on behind the scenes. But there’s also the challenge of creating a welcoming and memorable experience for guests.

Here, modernization can provide a “two birds” scenario. With strategic updates, you can foster a unique atmosphere and install operational efficiencies.

Wondering how to modernize your hotel? Here are some potential ideas.

VR, AR, and 3D Tours

In the past, most guests wouldn’t know what to expect from their hotel room until check-in. And even the fancier hotels might only provide a bird’s eye view of the floor plan. While many hotels have made a habit of adding pictures of their rooms to their website, there’s now a more engaging way.

Virtual site tours using 3D, VR, or AR is a better way to show off your rooms and set guest expectations. By adding these to your website, you can create an interactive experience that allows would-be guests to see what each room has to offer, whether it’s the amenities, layout, or views.

Companies in similar industries—real estate, for example—have found that adding virtual tours has increased occupancy rate by 14% in rental properties. The same functionality (and benefits) can be garnered in the hospitality industry.

Best of all, these offerings don’t require an online visitor to have a VR headset. Instead, by utilizing 3D photography, you can create a digital walkthrough experience that a user can peruse at their convenience.

Contactless Ordering

Does your hotel have a restaurant or bar?

By installing a contactless ordering system, you can enable guests to order and pay for their food or drink without ever having to be served. This could help modernize both your in-house dining experience and your room service.

How does a contactless ordering system work?

Either print out or post a QR code that guests can read with their phone. Once they’ve scanned the code, the restaurant menu pops, allowing them to review the food and drink items, order their meal, place a special request, and even pay—all in one go.

This enables them to make an initial order or ask for more food or drinks without needing a server to assist. In doing so, you can eliminate wait times and empower restaurant staff to focus on making and delivering food. Benefits of this include:

  • Convenience
  • Increased accuracy with meal orders
  • Improved back-house efficiencies
  • Increased sales
  • Better communication and feedback
  • Increased data collection

Smart Technology in Guest Rooms

People love the simple convenience of modern technologies. And by adding smart hotel technology to the room, you give them greater control over their environment and comfort levels.

What are some of the features guests want? They include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity – Between phones, tablets, and laptops, guests have more devices than ever that need to be able to connect to the internet. At the very minimum, Wi-Fi should be provided free of charge. But if you want to make your offering stand out, you should ensure that the Wi-Fi has a strong connection and fast speeds.
  • Voice control – Voice control is becoming an increasingly important piece of technology. According to a TechCrunch survey: “61 percent of surveyed guests stated that they would likely use the technology if present in a guestroom, with 68 percent indicating that they would use voice to control in-room amenities such as thermostats and lighting.”
  • Personalized entertainment – Simply having a TV is no longer good enough, not in an age when streaming services rule supreme. Now, it’s important that hotels have smart TVs with app connectivity so that guests can easily log into their Netflix or HBO account.
  • Smart room controls – Ideally, guests should be able to control the various room settings all from one central location—whether that be their phone or an in-room device. Using IoT technology, they could then control the room’s:
    • Heating
    • Lights
    • Curtains
    • AC
    • Music

Spa-Like Bathroom Amenities

One of the make-or-break parts of a guest’s room is the bathroom. Yet far too often, hotels opt for minimal effort as it pertains to bathroom design. Creating a luxurious stay shouldn’t be siloed to the bedroom. Instead, there are plenty of ways to create a spa-like experience, including:

  • Jacuzzi tub with jets
  • Waterfall showers
  • Dual sinks
  • Bathroom speakers
  • Chromotherapy lights
  • Digital thermostat and steam functionality

Even adding little features that add to the atmosphere of a bathroom can go a long way, such as fluffy towels, plenty of space, and beauty products.

Modernize Your Hotel with GoTab

Retaining loyal guests and winning over new ones isn’t easy. You need to continually focus on improving both the guest experience and the hotel’s operational efficiency.

For that, modernization is the answer. And one of the easiest ways you can install these optimizations is with GoTab. From the guest’s room to the restaurant, with GoTab contactless ordering, you empower both guests and staff, creating a cohesive modern experience.

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