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How To Prep Your Brewery For The Summer

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As summer is getting ready to heat up, you should be looking to prepare your establishment for patrons who are looking for amazing vibes as well as food and drinks to cool them off. There are many changes that can be made to prepare your brewery for the summer. 

Setting Up Outside areas

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One of the biggest reasons people don’t go to bars in the summer is because they want to sit outside, enjoy their drinks, and have some fun partaking in outdoor activities. Who wants to sit indoors when the weather is beautiful? Providing your customers with an outdoor patio allows them to enjoy your brewery while still being outdoors! No need for a bar or bartenders outside, just a nice area where people can sit, relax, and order food and drinks from your establishment.1

Revamping Your Menu

Consider switching some of your drinks to more seasonal, summer offerings. Summer beer styles to consider adding to your menu include:3

  • Fruit: Summer is a great time for fruit beers, especially ones that are light and crisp. Fruit is refreshing and sweet, making it go down super easy! 
  • Sour: Sour beer has a puckery, acidic, and tart taste. Just because the name includes sour doesn’t mean they aren’t fruity and light! 
  • Wheat: Wheat beer and fruit beer go hand in hand. Wheat beers have a hazy, spice flavor, but never heavy. Sometimes they are served with a slice of citrus! 
  • Hazy IPA: They are the perfect beverage to sip on while in the sun because they are packed with fruit and citrus flavors, are smooth, and soft bodied.
  • Pale and Hoppy: Pale ales and their hoppier cousins come in several varieties, some of them being the perfect pairing for summer!
  • Classic Pilsner: Classic Pilsner beers are light, not overly hoppy, and very refreshing.

You can get your staff excited about your seasonal offerings by keeping them educated.2 Provide your employees with a few main selling points and a small tasting for each product so they can help customers make the right choice when choosing their drink.

With GoTab, you have the ability to create different menus within your main menu. For example, you can create a menu solely for the summer season with limited time items. 

GoTab’s brewery POS solution allows you to customize how your digital menu displays and supports full eCommerce capabilities. You should be able to provide your own branding, photography, and multimedia to make your menu pop. This includes: 

  • Add and adjust categories, schedules, images and order of the menu
  • Enable, disable, or 86 items on demand 
  • Customize menu(s) by “zone” or on premise location; i.e., patio, dining room, bar, etc.

Event Ideas

Hosting an event for your brewery is a great way to increase reach, drive sales, and create lifelong connections with your customers. Possible events for your brewery include:  

  • A Starry Night where you can play out of this world music, sit under the stars, and be surrounded by twinkly lights. Allow your guests to sit back, relax, enjoy a drink, and look at the starry sky. 
  • Host a sporting event watch party where you can offer game-day specials and a themed menu to bring in fans and enjoy the atmosphere. 3
  • Host a music event- reach out to local bands and musicians or host an open mic night! Supporting local artists brings a sense of community, plus people might have the chance to see their favorite artist at your brewery.1

Now that your brewery is set up for the summer, it’s important to let your guests know! It is essential that you utilize social media to promote different events, summer drinks, and your outdoor set up to let everyone know you are an option for a summer hangout! Include banners and flyers inside your establishment, reminding people there is an outdoor option.


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