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How to Prepare For The Holidays

prepare for the holiday season

Thanksgiving is coming up and people will be eager to pre-order their Thanksgiving Day meals. Continue reading to find out more ways in which GoTab can help you prepare for the Holidays.

The Most Effective Features You Can Use For The Holidays

Holiday Presale Menus

With the Holidays coming up, people will be eager to begin pre-ordering their meals.

  • Set up a presale menu using the standard take-out feature, or using the pick up time slots/windows.
  • Set up a time frame for when customers should be able to start & stop placing their orders.
  • Assign a pick up date and time for the presale orders.
  • Control availability and number of orders that can be placed.
  • Add fees or gratuity to be auto-applied.
  • Once orders are placed, you’ll have intel to ensure smooth inventory planning.
  • Create a “Email Station”  for these pre-orders in order to keep them off the kitchen printers as you will not need them to print right away.

Holiday Menu


  • How to set stock levels for holiday items.
      • Once you have your holiday menu uploaded, you’re able to set your inventory levels for each item. Simply, go under Operate and find “inventory”.
  • How to have items automatically disable from your menu once they sell out.
      • Once you are done inputting your stock levels, select the action you would like to happen when the product goes out of stock. Do this under the column names “Out of Stock Action”. You have the option of disabling it, 86ing it or doing leaving it as is.


  • What is a notice and what is it used for?
      • A notice is mass communication to all of your guests. Once a QR code is scanned, it will pop up for all of your guests. It is completely customizable for whatever you want your guests to see. You’re able to tell your customers your new offerings and pick up hours. Link to presale menu to make it easier for guests.
  • How to set up a notice. 
      • In the manager dashboard, under Configure, find “notices”. There, you have the ability to select where the notices will appear, for how many days, when, as well as add any buttons that you’d like.


  • What is Pack & Route?
      • Under Operate, you’ll be able to find the Pack & Route tab. This page streamlines your pick-up/delivery orders and allows you to print packing slip directly from there.
  • How to optimize routes for delivery drivers.
      • Select an order date or range and update how many drivers will be available on that date. You’ll be able to calculate the routes and it will optimize them for you based on the orders you have scheduled.

Your Subscribers

We know it’s important for you to incentivize customers to take advantage of all your Holiday offerings before the rush. You do have a list of customers who have opted in to receive email communication from you.

  • You can find them under Reports in the “subscribers’ tab.
  • Export that list and email them directly about all of your new offerings.
  • Send them a discount specific to them to take advantage of during the Holidays.

Do you have more questions as to what you can do to prepare for the Holidays?

Contact your customer success manager. We’re here to help!

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