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How To Take Your Hotel Guest Experience To The Next Level

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The hospitality industry is all about the human connection and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Going above and beyond while offering one-of-a-kind experiences will ensure guests leave feeling satisfied and willing to return2. So how does one provide the best experience for your guests? There are many things you can do before arrival, on arrival, during the stay, and after the stay that truly takes the experience to the next level.

Before Arrival

As soon as someone lands on your website, their experience with your hotel begins. Make sure your website has all the necessary information along with your hotel’s highest-resolution photos and videos1. Display deals and offers, as well as integrate a booking engine that lets guests book a stay with you easily. Make sure the design of the website represents the look and feel of the hotel so guests have an idea of what to expect.

Do your guests a favor and offer early check-in. Guests will appreciate this, and form a great impression of your hotel. If the room is unavailable at the time they desire, you can arrange for them to sit in a relaxing area of serve them tea/coffee from your in-house restaurant.

On Arrival

Guests will remember if you make them feel valued through “personalized” services, that is why you should address them personally. Encourage your front desk staff to greet guests by addressing their first or last name instead of just a greeting. For example, “Good afternoon, Mr. Smith. Welcome to our Resort! Hope you have a pleasant stay”!

During The Stay

Make it easy for your guests to get in touch with you. Keep guests informed with two-way text communication. If your clientele is more tech-savvy, consider investing in a simple app or online communication service. Guests can receive text order confirmations while various areas of the hotel can communicate with guests about order changes, out-of-stock items, or special instructions. For example, if a guest is planning to pick up alcohol, you can remind them in advance to be prepared to share a valid photo ID.

In terms of providing in-room dining, place a simple QR on the mini-bar fridge, or next to the TV remote with a light menu full of all the comforts of home, right at your fingertips. Allow guests to skip the inconvenience of ordering through a third-party delivery service or jumping through hoops to reach someone from room service.

Train your staff to be attentive through observation and appearance. For example, if there is a group of friends, staff should suggest to them nearby restaurants, bars, and fun activities they can enjoy nearby1. If a family is staying at your hotel, offer family friendly locations for them to visit and fun yet safe activities for children to take part in. If someone is traveling for business, point out where your business rooms are located, or where they can work quietly if not in their room. This will make your guests feel welcome and excited about their stay.

After The Stay


Reach out to your guests and ask them about their stay. Take the time to respond to all reviews punctually, even the negative ones. Send them any promotions, special offers, or announcements that may be of interest to them in regards to staying at your hotel.

Elevating The Guest Experience With GoTab

Use technology to make things easier, quicker, and more exciting for guests3. GoTab’s contactless ordering and payment technology allows guests to self-order and pay for food and drinks, whether in the hotel restaurant or in-room, via their phone. GoTab can be used for in-room service and on-site dining including coffee shops, bars, poolside, pantry, rooftop, restaurants, and more!

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“GoTab is the best solution for contactless ordering and payment in the current landscape. It has given us the tools to pivot during this past year, and we’re excited to evolve our hospitality service model to blend technology and in-person hospitality, particularly for our luxury clientele”, says Camilo Rivera, General Manager of The Delegate. By using GoTab’s contactless ordering and payment capabilities, The Delegate was able to reimagine its rooftop service, develop safe and private functions, as well as serve luxury condominiums in the neighborhood. Check out our case study to learn more!

Other key features for hotel operations include:

  • Automate service request delivery
  • Update menus and hours of operation on the fly
  • Track and stay up to date on order statuses
  • Track request fulfillment time
  • Monitor real-time data analytics
  • Two-way text communication
  • Automated cross-selling
  • VIP and member discounting
  • Custom event menus


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