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How to Use a No-POS System in the Hospitality Industry

Your hospitality business may be in need of changes to keep guest interactions safe and contactless while still providing excellent customer service. Most hotels use their reception desk as their point-of-sale (POS), the place where guests make their payments like at the cash register. As a result, this is where customers experience the most contact with the least social distancing.

The solution? Trading in your old-fashion register for a cloud-based No-POS solution. A contactless system offers a personalized and innovative guest experience that provides customer service for the 21st century.

If you’re interested in learning more about a No-POS system, keep reading to find out how to implement one while ensuring a comfortable stay.

#1 Understand What It Offers

Still a little unclear on the acronym No-POS?

A No-POS system allows guests to pay for hotel purchases including their stay and their meals at on-site restaurants and cafes from their own devices (especially mobile phones).It maintains the functionality and efficiency of a traditional point-of-sale while giving a whole host of worthwhile changes.

A No-POS offers:

  • Secure, contactless technology-based methods to aid in orders and payments
  • Increase in revenue while reducing costs by going digital
  • Improved and personalized customer experiences while maintaining social distancing
  • Ability to focus more on hospitality instead of the mechanics of order taking and card swiping
  • The opportunity to grow and scale your business at your desired rate

While some hoteliers may hesitate at the idea of implementing new technology, the right No-POS system is easy for guests and staff alike to adopt. Next, we’ll dive into more depth on the process.

#2 Replace Paper With Digital Options

Adopting a No-POS system means moving towards a digital approach. Menus, ordering, and payment methods will all be online. Guests can use a QR code placed in their rooms and on their table to browse the menu, order their food, and pay without having to come in contact with servers or menus that have been touched by hundreds of others.

Think your guests will miss paper? Keep in mind that beyond the improved safety of a contactless solution, you’ll also enjoy reduced costs and environmental impact.

#3 Personalize the Guest Experiences

When your restaurant is at top capacity with long lines and frustrated guests, it can be easy for an order to get mixed up or sent to the wrong table. With staff overwhelmed, guests may end up leaving unsatisfied.

A No-POS ordering system could solve all of these problems. With the QR code, guests have the ability to curate an experience based on their wants.

Provide options like the following:

  • Ordering and Payment On-Demand – Allow guests to order and pay whenever they are ready, from wherever they are (whether enjoying the rooftop pool area, in their room, or seated in the restaurant).
  • Tracking – Allow guests to track their orders from their rooms or their tables, staying up-to-date on when they’ll receive their delectable dishes.
  • Personalized Menus – Offer personalized coupons and loyalty rewards to your guests with a system that keeps track of past orders and preferences.
  • Servers – While they could have a completely contactless experience with no servers, give your restaurant the human touch with servers who can answer questions. If they don’t need to input orders or payments, staff will be more available.

#4 Maintain Control Over Operations

Managing all the logistics and mechanics can make running a business stressful and keep you away from creating a quality guest experience. A No-POS promises to simplify operations and gives you the freedom to get back to providing top-notch hospitality.

Use your new solution to:

  • Customize and adjust the menu
  • Monitor inventory
  • Track peak sales hours
  • Reduce costs and save on expenses
  • Scale your business according to growth

Running a business becomes a lot smoother when you don’t have to unnecessarily sacrifice your time, money, or energy.

#5 Continue to Grow Your Business

Upgrading and growing your business is effortless with a No-POS system.

Access to reporting and analytics means you can better customize your business around what works and what appeals to customers. You’ll be in a better position to integrate new solutions and methods using a system that offers flexibility and adaptability.

A No-POS simplifies your business management and opens exciting opportunities for transforming your service model.

Embrace The Future of the Hospitality Industry with GoTab

The pandemic has reminded us of the value of adaptability. While a traditional point-of-sale has a central place for transactions, a No-POS allows for a more guest-centric, personalized experience that guests will find unique and freeing. Moving towards a more technologically modern solution means giving you and your business the chance to thrive within a competitive industry.

GoTab’s No-POS system is made to help you return to what’s most important: hospitality. If you’re interested in learning how we can help with your specific needs, request a demo today and try it out for yourself!


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