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GoTab Featured in HT Hospitality Technology 2023 POS Software Trends Report

GoTab POS Featured in HT Next POS Report

Inaugural Listing Highlights Innovative Tab Management, RFID and Kitchen Management Capabilities

According to HT Hospitality Technology, POS software is evolving to manage data, integrate across an array of channels, and deliver actionable analytics. They surveyed top restaurant tech leaders to learn:

  • Restaurant POS purchasing plans for 2023
  • Business drivers impacting POS upgrades
  • The hottest features and functionalities
  • How POS data is being leveraged for analytics

Here’s What HT Hospitality Technology Had to Say about the GoTab POS

In 2022: GoTab leveled up its all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) functionality with easy-to-use and easy-to-onboard technology. Through enhancing its existing POS software with order management and flexible tab-based ordering, plus centralized menu management, kitchen display system (KDS) functionality, integration capabilities with other POS systems and more.

Most innovative features: Tab management functionality allows guests to order, re-order and close their checks seamlessly and on-demand. Flexible service model capabilities that allow operators to reconfigure their service models on the fly. Operators can enable QR ordering when they have an unexpected staff shortage or extend ordering to non-traditional service areas like a patio or waiting area. For large-, medium- and small-venue formats. Provides innovative mobile ordering & payment at scale and engineered to manage thousands of open tabs at once.

GoTab’s KDS solution also provides operators and managers direct communication with guests via text right from the kitchen line, in order to provide transparency and unparalleled hospitality, such as alerting a guest that their order’s arrival is delayed.

Lastly, the 100% cloud-based platform also offers flexible hardware options to remove the barrier from restaurants wanting to switch to more innovative technology without the burden of a costly initial investment, and ensures that switching technology and the operational adoption of new systems is seamless, unlike traditional complicated and confusing hospitality technology transitions.

In 2023: Expand radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology solution to more customers, further innovating and simplifying the mobile ordering and payment process. Extending solutions into more large venue formats like stadiums and arenas, where our platform is uniquely suited to provide innovative mobile ordering & payment at scale and engineered to manage thousands of open tabs at once.

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