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Improving Your Hotel Payment Technology

Thanks to the advances of technology, the world seems like a whole new place. Technology that used to be the stuff of dreams is infused into every aspect of our lives: computers that fit into our pockets and wristwatches we speak into (reminiscent of Inspector Gadget) are reality. We order groceries via voice commands we send to speakers and our pets get positive reinforcement with treats from a robot when they’re all alone.

If your guests are already accepting technology into their homes, then why not invite them to utilize it in their home-away-from-home, your hotel?

Improving your hotel payment technology can streamline customer service in hotel rooms as well as on-site coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. In this article, we’ll explore the many ways you can improve your hotel payment technology.

How To Improve Your Hotel Payment Technology

The fact is, technology is everywhere. Guests use their smartphones in place of their wallets to pay for groceries, a night out, and even babysitting. And if your hotel is still only accepting payment via credit card, you may not be meeting the expectations of guests used to operating at a faster pace.

The key to updating your technology is finding a solution that is at once:

  • Flexible
  • Fast
  • Contactless
  • Secure

Below, we’ll cover our top suggestions for achieving these goals.

#1 Provide Flexibility with a Restaurant Commerce Platform

Patrons are looking for familiarity and ease of use. For many, ordering online and through mobile apps has become second nature. Creating a similar atmosphere for patrons in on-site and in-room dining adds comfort and simplicity to the dining experience.

Not surprisingly, Gen Zers are leading the pack in ordering their meals by website, app, kiosk, and tablet ordering inside restaurants. However, those less tech savvy may prefer the experience of interacting with a server.

A Restaurant Commerce Platform (RCP) gives your patrons options. That way, guests can use a mobile POS (Point of Sale) to place an order and pay directly from their phone or they can opt to go the traditional route with a server at their table.

Make sure your chosen RCP includes the following features:

  • Clear instructions – Easy-to-generate printable instructions explaining how to use the QR code
  • No installation – Opt for options that forgo downloads or passwords on third-party websites.
  • Bill-splitting – Guests should be able to easily split bills within large groups.
  • Customer support – make sure guests can create the experience they want with specific notes about food allergies and special requests.

#2 Go Paperless

Guests are making safety a priority now more than ever. They want to be in places that maintain social distancing, have free-flowing hand sanitizer, and offer contactless dining.

Eliminating printed menus makes guests feel safer since they have less contact with public touchpoints. It also cuts down on hospitality operating costs and saves staff time. No printed menus mean fewer surfaces to clean and sanitize. You can make changes to menus faster, removing sold-out items or adding new specials immediately.

Likewise, cut paper receipts from the equation, allow guests to receive their receipts on their phones (or, if charged to their room, as part of their final check-out bill).

#3 Implement Your RCP Across Sales Points

Since the beginning of the pandemic, guests have been spending more time in their hotel rooms. They are looking for expanded amenities, more options for on-site food and drinks, and enhanced in-room technology.

Contactless ordering and payment technology gives guests the freedom to self-order food and drinks from on-site coffee shops, bars, and restaurants no matter where they are in the hotel.

#4 Allow Your Guests to Track Their Orders

When choosing your solution, opt for an option that allows guests to keep track of their orders from preparation to delivery. Likewise, look for “contact” and “comment” options that allow guests to interact with your hotel staff without picking up the phone.

If your on-site dining options can provide convenience, personalization, and transparency, guests are that much more likely to opt for on-site amenities rather than UberEats.

GoTab’s Contactless Systems for Hotels

The right payment technology solution can give guests the convenience they enjoy at home along with the top-notch customer service they expect while on vacation. By eliminating obstacles to comfort and relaxation, you’ll be ensuring your guests will have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

But now you need a partner who can help you achieve this goal wide-scale across your hotel. Enter GoTab, the pros of contactless systems for hotel dining experiences.

GoTab’s contactless dining system can be easily integrated into your current hospitality operations. Our easy-to-use payment technology streamlines operations for both your business and your customers. With GoTab’s contactless ordering and payment, you can easily track data and analytics to improve operations. Recommend menu items to guests, offer hotel loyalty programs, and accept guests’ preferred payment methods.

Work with GoTab so you can reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve your guests’ satisfaction.


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