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The Return to Service: How to Consistently Keep Your Promises and Delight Your Guests

Curiosity is one of our core values. So with that in mind, we’re taking a different approach at the upcoming MURTEC Conference by facilitating an interactive workshop for operators. Titled, The Return to Service – How to Consistently Keep Your Promises and Delight Your Guests, our 55 minute workshop will take place on March 8, from 1:30 – 2:25 PM PT.

Featured Panelists

  • Annie Cazares, Interim Chief of Staff, Topgolf
  • Scott Lovejoy, VP of Technology, Topgolf
  • Rich Sweeney, Former Executive Chef, Stone Brewing Company
  • Tim McLaughlin, CEO, GoTab, Inc.

As the global pandemic continues to push the hospitality industry to embrace technology, the future lies in a new, hybrid service model where waitstaff uses technology to enhance the guest experience.

We believe hospitality entails two types of guest interactions: Experiential and Transactional. Experiential interactions are your food, drink, ambiance, and the fun parts of service such as smiles, presentations, and recommendations. The not-so-fun parts of your service are the Transactional experiences.

The session will provide a roadmap for hospitality operators to discover ways to enhance the guest experience through a hybrid service model that combines technology with the human touch.

If you’re planning to attend MURTEC, we encourage you to drop into the session. If you’ve not made plans but are interested, contact us for a complimentary pass.

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We’re teaming up with 7shifts and Incentivio for a night of food and fun at Beer Park Las Vegas. RSVP here!

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