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Stone Brewing talks about staff interaction and personalization with GoTab’s technology

Stone Brewing

Creating a Special Experience

In an article from Restaurant Hospitality, Stone Brewing Co., a brewery and restaurant chain with three restaurants and four taprooms throughout Southern California, had to pivot completely over the past year. As their experience was based on beer tastings and different community events, it became nearly impossible for the brewery to exercise them throughout the past year.

As they had the wheels in motion for contactless ordering in November 2019, and then when the pandemic hit, they went from seeing contactless as simply a tool to being able to utilize it to boost their profitability over the course of the challenging days of the pandemic.

As explained by Greg Frazer, vice president of hospitality at Stone Brewing Co.,“We moved to a labor light model. To me, service is not order taking: service is all the other stuff around that. Shifting the order taken to the customer forces you to focus on what makes up the experience and the service.”

Bringing Tech to the Table

As the dust of 2020’s pandemic disruption begins to settle and a permanently altered restaurant landscape comes into focus, operators are still asking a major question: What technologies will become table stakes for indoor dining?

As Stone Brewing Co. ramped up on using multiple formats of Gotab they saw their profitability begin to ramp up as well. This technology has transformed traditional aspects of the full-service dining room in 2021 and is beginning to cater to new diner expectations for convenient, contactless experiences. By implementing cicerones to walk around and help people (a sommelier for beer) and trained their hosts to do a higher level of greeting. They also added a concierge feature, which allows customers to tap away and employees can dispatch whatever is needed.

“I think contactless ordering gives you the ability to flex your service and that is the future of where the hospitality industry is going,” Frazer said.

Watch the video for more insight from Stone Brewing Co. on combining contactless technology

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