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GoTab Brings RFID Smart Tag Technology to Stadiums & Sports Events

Stadium RFID technology

 GoTab, a leading restaurant commerce platform, is modernizing the stadium and sporting event concession experience with the newest additions to its product suite: Multi-Operator and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Mobile Ordering and Payment. Designed to provide increased convenience and customized service for guests, GoTab’s newest features make it faster, easier and more seamless for guests to order and pay from multiple vendors all on one tab, while increasing sales, transparency and operational efficiencies for vendors.

Customized Ordering & Payment Options, Suited To Each Venue & Event Type

With GoTab for Multi-Operator Locations, guests no longer need to rush to the concession stand to place an order. From seat to suite, guests can view menus, order and pay from any participating in-venue restaurant, bar or concession stand via one unified QR code, while food runners deliver their orders. Alternatively, with GoTab’s RFID solution, guests can allocate funds to a branded wristband or key card upon entry or in advance of an event, then simply tap at participating vendors to charge food or retail items to their open tab. For group and family dining, multiple wristbands or key cards can be linked to one tab, with the ability to set individualized spending limits, split, and settle tabs at the end of the game. Plus, the technology enables an automatic refund if guests spend less than what was loaded onto their card or band.

Limitless Tabs; Increased Sales, Visibility and Efficiency for Operators

Uniquely suited to large-scale venues like stadiums, food halls and resorts, GoTab’s cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) allows for virtually unlimited open tabs, unburdened by the processing constraints of traditional POS systems. In addition, GoTab’s multi-vendor ordering solution empowers vendors with control over their own menus as well as real-time access to their own sales, enabling individualized reporting and increased visibility to drive a frictionless payout experience. Multi-Operators achieve revenue sharing, roll-up reporting, house fees and payout holdouts out of the box. On average, operators running Multi-Operator Locations can experience 35-50% higher check averages, 25% faster table turns and 30-50% increased labor efficiency.

“GoTab thrives in large venues like stadiums, outdoor events and food halls because we’re able to provide a uniquely personalized and convenient guest experience, from in-seat ordering to quick-pay with a tap, at a volume traditional point-of-sale systems aren’t designed to handle,” said Tim McLaughlin, CEO and Co-Founder at GoTab. “This translates to higher sales and check averages for vendors, while putting the fan experience front and center.”

Tim McLaughlin, CEO & Co-Founder

Santa Anita Park, a Thoroughbred racetrack in Arcadia, California, is one of GoTab’s existing stadium partners who has seen measurable results after signing on for GoTab’s all-in-one POS and contactless mobile ordering and payment solutions. Since then, the company has experienced an increase in food and beverage volume as well as operational efficiencies that are enabling servers to create more personalized, meaningful interactions with guests. 

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