Multi-Unit Restaurants

Take Command of Multi-Unit Operations

GoTab offers unique features and benefits for Multi-Unit Restaurant operators and Franchisees. Complete control and customization From the ability to localize menu descriptions and photos, to the flexibility to customize local prices (item or menu-level), and tax and tip rates, you can manage it all through our integrated platform.

  • Manager Dashboards

    Perfect for multi-unit restaurant operators with 5 or 50+ locations, concepts, or brands, the GoTab Manager Dashboard lets you access and organize your business’ data in one, easy-to-use interface. View data in real time, manage your menu, monitor your inventory, and much more.

  • Multi-Level Menu Management

    Set up hierarchies and control which menu attributes can be modified at each level across all of your units. Use regional or local menu modifiers and leverage real-time or manually-managed workflows.

  • Multi-Vendor Ordering and Payments

    Ideal for food halls, stadiums, entertainment, and other multi-unit restaurant venues, GoTab lets you empower your vendors with access to their own product catalog and sales, while also creating a seamless ordering experience for all their guests. Vendors get a unified mobile ordering and payment experience while receiving daily payouts, including taxes and tips.

  • Self-Service Ordering

    With labor shortages and high input costs, every multi-unit restaurant operator is looking for efficiencies that can help reduce waste and preserve profit. The GoTab Restaurant Commerce Platform provides the tools to support traditional ordering and self-service ordering, so multi-unit restaurant operators can dynamically flip their service model depending on how their shift unfolds.

With GoTab, I can easily and quickly do that. I find that once the tab is open, customers like to take charge of their order and add more items on their own. This hybrid service model is really working for us, and GoTab gives us the ability to adjust it anytime, and depending on what our guests prefer or are comfortable with.
Women delivers pizza orders to a table.
Jolene Mannina
Owner of Vegas Test Kitchen
multi operator on phone

Simplify Your Operations & Streamline Guest Ordering

With an emphasis on flexibility, efficiency, and auditability, our cloud-based platform provides everything you need to centrally run, monitor, and measure your multi-unit restaurant operations. What’s more, because it’s cloud-based, you can do it all from the convenience of a mobile device. 

Solutions for Multi-Vendor Venues

Full Service

We help you serve more guests with less labor while earning bigger tips & higher check averages.

Quick Service

Bust the lines & give guests what they want when they want it with open tabs and customer-facing displays.

Online Ordering

Get a full-featured online ordering platform for food, beverage & merchandise right out of the box – at no additional cost.

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