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Zones – Your Powerful Revenue Optimization Tool


GoTab Zones let you create new sources of revenue, or maximize existing revenue streams, all with no extra software or fees. 

You can optimize all kinds of physical spaces, like a restaurant bar or patio; a hotel’s room service or poolside bar; or an independent Food Truck at a brewery. In this article, we’ll share the most common use cases for GoTab Zones and share a few examples that you can use to start to imagine how Zones can help to grow your business.

But first, let’s define what we mean by a Zone.

A Zone can essentially be thought of as a revenue center. Create as many zones as you’d like to see sales areas separated by, or areas by which you may want to control different settings like hours, tip prompts, or menu item availability.

Zones are organized into one of three groups:

Service TypeOrdering Experience
Dine-InGuests have ready access to the menu from their table for asap fulfillment.
Take-outGuests place orders within specified time parameters for future fulfillment.
DeliveryGuests provide addresses and place orders within specified time parameters for future kitchen / logistics fulfillment.

With this simple, easy-to configure grouping, you have almost infinite flexibility to expand your business. You can have as many zones as you’d like. And you can customize your Zone names to make sure they are easy to follow and navigate for your staff. Once your Zones are set up, you can customize a number of important parameters:

  1. Name of the Zone (for reference purposes, setting rules, and container for spots (table QR’s). Could be a location, a section of seats, or a floor on your building. 
  2. Minimum amount of purchases (in dollars) required to place an order.
  3. Tip scale. You can make different tip scales per zone or you can leave it blank which will default to the master tip scale in location configurations.
  4. A brief message when the Zone is off, should the guest try to place orders after hours.
  5. A pre-filled message in the notes before the guest writes their own (guests can write openly in this section before checking out which will print on tickets and display on the KDS. 

GoTab Zones in Action

Now that we’ve defined Zones, let’s get to the good part: how operators are using GoTab Zones to run their business.

Bagels N’ Grinds – Tapping a New Revenue Stream During the Pandemic

With a host of features available for operators looking to streamline online ordering, GoTab was able to provide Bagels N’ Grinds with an alternate revenue stream when in-room dining shut down and curbside takeout became the norm. GoTab provided an online ordering solution that let them offer a specific pick-up date and time window, manage the ordering cut-off time and seamlessly update the menu, as well as allow customers to order up to 7 days in advance. 

At the height of the pandemic, Bagels N’ Grinds were able to handle 150 orders per week and more than 2,000 bagels per weekend. The pop-up created a new business lifeline as well as a new way to connect with the community.

bagels n grinds

In-Room Dining & To-Go Sales – The Lodge at Spruce Peak


With the implementation of GoTab, guests are empowered to order and pay for in-room dining from multiple on-site merchants directly on their mobile device. Through GoTab’s easy online ordering features, the food & beverage staff can easily access the backend, update any and all menus in real-time, and 86 items as soon as ingredients and dishes become unavailable. With guests in charge of their own orders, Director of Food & Beverage Ian Pomerville has noticed that the adoption rate keeps growing, repeat orders keep increasing and tech-savvy guests cannot get enough of the convenience of GoTab’s online ordering features.

Multi-Merchant Food Kitchen Runs with 50 Percent Fewer Staff – Vegas Test Kitchen

With as many as twelve different Chefs and their respective concepts at any given time, Vegas Test Kitchen makes sure the ordering experience is easy and seamless. Whether guests are ordering ahead for pick-up or dining in, guests don’t have to order separately from each vendor. With GoTab, guests can order from all Chefs, through a common menu interface on a single tab. The Chef operators take advantage of a shared ordering experience with GoTab supporting separate payouts. What’s more, because guests can order from a single tab, they all can benefit from lower transaction processing fees.

vegas test kitchen

In this article, we’ve shared just a few examples of how GoTab operators are using Zones to run more profitable businesses. How can GoTab Zones work for you?

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