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Contactless Technology and Superlative Hospitality

Barcelona Wine Bar

GoTab is allowing all types of restaurants and venues to thrive. Barcelona Wine Bar prepares simple and elegant tapas from the finest seasonal products. Barcelona resisted online reservations and offered limited takeout offerings. With COVID-19, they had to reassess the tools each of the 18 locations used. The challenge was clear: how to embrace new technology without dehumanizing the restaurant experience.

Contactless Technology Partner Selection

With COVID-19, Barcelona Wine Bar needed new service options to help sustain operations. Because there’s no such thing as a perfect technology, Barcelona reviewed more than eight different contactless providers.

Barcelona Wine Bar decided to partner up with GoTab for various reasons:

  • People-first: GoTab let them provide the best of the Barcelona Wine Bar experience while allowing them to rely on their people.
  • Pricing: GoTab presented a good value.
  • Fast Setup: Barcelona Wine Bar was seeking a partner that could get up and running quickly. GoTab launched all locations within 4-6 weeks.
  • Easy to Adapt: The strength of Barcelona Wine Bar lies in the magic that happens in-venue. The team needed a platform that was easy to adapt as they launched brand new takeout operations.

With GoTab, Barcelona Wine Bar found a partner willing to work with them. GoTab cooperated with Barcelona and listened to the needs of their 18 distinct locations.

Adapting to Barcelona Wine Bar’s Needs

Barcelona Wine Bar relied on its people-centric approach to ensure a smooth transition to takeout and contactless curbside delivery. As true guest experience pros, Barcelona made sure to prepare their team to guide their customers through the platform. Leveraging GoTab’s messaging system Barcelona seamlessly communicate with guests and add their personal touch to takeout orders. Staff and guest feedback drives essential platform adjustments.

Barcelona styled the first iteration of outdoor dining around GoTab. They offered limited service and QR codes for guests to place their orders. With GoTab servers can guide the pace of the meals and provide the social interactions that visitors to Barcelona Wine Bar crave. Guests enjoy being in control of their space, and GoTab’s native tab features let them leave their tab open or pay throughout their meal.

GoTab’s Flexibility

GoTab made key changes to help Barcelona Wine Bar navigate the new norm of outdoor dining:

  • Staff manage different tables differently: from guests who want to be in control of the ordering and payment process, to those who prefer to be guided by their favorite server throughout their meal
  • Barcelona sets and adjusts lead time for orders: they can pace orders to ensure food gets served at the appropriate time
  • With a smart system, staff can track specials and easily 86 items
  • Feature Master Menu and local options:each location’s independent menu displays as a physical menu and matches the way menus are set up on each restaurant’s POS system

Prioritizing the Human Experience

The dining experience at Barcelona Wine Bar is like a unique dinner party. They offer unique atmosphere, décor, playlists, surprising and familiar foods, prepared in unexpected ways. How do you insert technology in this experience?

With GoTab, Barcelona Wine Bar can prioritize making guests feel at home with a contactless ordering and payment system that adapts and understands their unique people-first policy:

  • GoTab doesn’t take the human out of the process. By pairing its staff’s hospitality knowledge with GoTab’s capabilities, Barcelona Wine Bar has reconnected with its loyal customers. Barcelona servers, supported by technology, guide guests through the exploration, discovery and nurturing experiences they seek.
  • GoTab eliminates unnecessary tasks and operational friction. Barcelona Wine Bar’s people now have more time and flexibility to care for guests.

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