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POS Integrations You Need For Your Restaurant

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A point-of-sale (POS) integration is a direct connection between your business and your POS system. Today’s POS technology aggregates and summarizes data so you can see where your restaurant is successful, and where there are challenges. POS integrations connect your backend systems so everything works together and shares data, making it easy to streamline your business. 

While a POS is powerful on its own, it becomes stronger when connected with other business tools. Integrating your POS system with other business software gives you a complete picture of your business. It helps you see and understand how everything fits together.

POS Integrations To Improve Your Business

Accounting POS Integration

Finance management software companies make every aspect of accounting easier (even if you aren’t an accountant). Accounting POS integrations offer a variety of features that can help you round out your money management needs such as creating purchase orders, tracking payments, and reconciling bank transactions.

Payment POS Integration

Restaurants need to offer seamless, secure payments to their guests. Payments can be a source of friction and high cost for restaurants if the proper systems are not in place. Ideally, a system should have an option for secure online (card-not-present) processing, card present processing and integrate with digital wallets. Guests want the convenience and control of choosing whether to swipe, tap or checkout through a server.

Staff Scheduling POS Integration

To properly schedule your staff during slow or fast times, having a labor management POS integration is a must. You can build employee schedules, make shift changes quickly, automate functions, clock in and out easily, and export timesheets to prep for payroll.

Inventory Management POS Integration

Inventory management is essential to your restaurant’s success. If you don’t have the right products, or enough of them, your business will not survive. By integrating inventory software into your POS system, adjustments are made in real time, letting you know when it’s time to 86 an item and replenish.

Online Ordering POS Integration

Offering guests online ordering is standard operating procedure for most restaurants. However, in order to appeal to all, it’s important to integrate with third-party ordering and delivery platforms such as DoorDash and UberEats. Your restaurant can be connected to countless third party ordering apps offering curbside takeout and delivery. This broadens your customer base significantly without increasing labor or marketing costs. 

With online ordering integrated into your POS, you no longer have to manually copy orders. This eliminates human error and allows you to provide a more reliable service to your guests. Not only does it help guests, but integration also saves your employees time. Staff no longer need to punch in each order, allowing them to focus on serving guests and improving the customer experience. With online orders pushed directly to your POS, you’ll also be able to get your orders to their respective destinations much faster.

Loyalty Program POS Integration

While you always want to be bringing in new guests, it pays off to take care of the ones that you already have. By integrating loyalty management systems with your restaurant POS, you can award points and make redemptions easy for guests therefore increasing the likelihood that they will return.

Marketing Analytics POS Integration

The key to having a successful restaurant is having a loyal, growing guest base. That means getting to know them, their needs, their pain points, and their buying habits. In order to learn about your guests, you need data. Integrating marketing analytics software with your POS helps you identify areas of your business where you can serve your guests better. From peak times to slow times, popular menu items, reasons for celebration or what brings your guests in, your analytics will tell you the story you need to deepen loyalty with your guests and attract new guests. They provide a new and personal way to reach your guests and extend your hospitality beyond a brick and mortar location.

Email Marketing And SMS POS Integration

Easily stay in touch with guests and increase repeat visits to your restaurant. Run targeted promotions and increase revenue with email marketing and SMS. Through an email marketing and SMS  POS integration you can create custom email and mobile lists, automate outreach and campaigns, and further deepen the connection between your venue and guests.

Listings Management POS Integration

A fully booked restaurant with people waiting in line is every restaurant’s dream. However, without a listing management system, the workload associated with keeping your online listings up-to-date can quickly turn into a nightmare. A listing  management system helps restaurants attract guests, saving time and effort, and enabling a better experience for diners.

GoTab POS Integrated Partners

GoTab POS works with best of breed solutions so that it can flexibly fit your restaurant, allowing a continued focus on the core real-time operational experience. We have integrated with numerous systems so you have the ability to optimize your business’ needs.

7Shifts Integration

7 Shifts is a labor management software designed for restaurants. They help managers and operators spend less time and effort scheduling their staff, reduce their monthly labor costs, and streamline team communication. 

With the GoTab and 7Shifts integration, restaurant operators can access a single view of real-time sales and labor data. This helps operators make critical operational decisions. These are the decisions that allow restaurants to optimize labor costs and thrive. Restaurant operators can manage staffing and review labor KPIs both on the 7Shifts app and website.

inKind Integration

InKind is the largest provider of non-dilutive growth capital for hospitality businesses. Their unique models give operators funding upfront, with marketing support to build an engaged customer base and solidify each restaurant’s relationship with its guests. Paired with GoTab’s affordable cloud-based platform, and its native tab features, inKind’s innovative tech and financing solutions set up businesses for success and open up access to new revenue streams. 

Through this integration, guests seamlessly redeem their inKind food and beverage at restaurants that use GoTab. When they are ready to close their tab and submit payment, they can choose to use their inKind credit through GoTab’s contactless ordering and payment platform. Operators can also be notified when a House Account holder walks in or places a takeout/delivery order, allowing operators to provide a personalized and attentive experience for them.

Klaviyo Integration

Klaviyo is an automated marketing software company founded in 2012 in Boston, MA. They provide robust email and SMS marketing capabilities designed to aggregate customer data, thus improving overall business operations. The platform allows for customer segmentation and personalization of content based on stored customer data. 

With the GoTab and Klaviyo integration, data from GoTab, such as customer name, email, phone number, as well as viewed menus/products, average order totals, and more are able to flow seamlessly into Klaviyo features to market to guests via email. Create segments based off of items guests have ordered or total order values. Data flows seamlessly between the two systems and works together to help restaurant operators optimize their marketing efforts.

MargineEdge Integration

MarginEge is a powerful restaurant solution that seamlessly combines paperless invoice processing with POS accounting integrations- creating massive time savings and high impact daily finance reporting. 

With the GoTab integration, complete sales data is available within MarginEdge, making it easier to run your business. MarginEdge uses your purchasing data to give you a real-time view on your food and recipe costs, automatic alerts when key ingredients change price, a daily controllable P&L, and the power to seamlessly implement insights across teams, shifts, and locations.

Otter Integration

Otter is a delivery management and optimization platform that helps your restaurant increase sales and efficiency. Otter’s innovative order management and analytics technology products can be tailored to meet all restaurants’ online ordering needs. 

Reduce your use of tables with GoTab’s integration with Otter. Combine all your delivery orders across all your platforms directly into your GoTab POS. Operators can have unparalleled order aggregation and automation. Manage your GoTab menu and automatically push the update to Otter. 

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