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POS Trends In The Restaurant Industry


The restaurant industry is constantly changing, especially as customer expectations shift. This makes keeping up with the latest technology essential for any successful restaurant. Traditional POS systems are missing the flexibility that a contactless and cloud-based system can offer. The good news is that upgrading a POS is no longer a headache. With cloud-based, mobile-friendly solutions, the change can be relatively simple, with no cumbersome hard-wiring or expensive new hardware needed. 

Cloud-based POS systems are one of the major restaurant technology trends to be aware of and are offered by third-party service providers as a service model. These systems can be accessed from anywhere at any time and run solely on a network connection, eliminating the confusing installation process of traditional terminals. This function allows businesses to sync hand-held devices, portable terminals, and printers to the software. There are three subcategories to be aware of:

POS System
  1. Touchscreen POS systems allow users to select different options by touching the screen. They Include a screen where customers can make a payment and add a tip for good service. Touchscreen terminals increase order efficiency by using a comprehensive menu and transaction layout. 
  2. Self-order kiosks are becoming increasingly popular within fast food restaurants and restaurants offering takeout. They allow customers to order their food at a kiosk on their own. This reduces the demand on waiting staff while allowing customers to customize their order and pay for the food before receiving the meal. 
  3. Handheld POS systems are a valuable investment because they allow employees to carry a device to tables and process payments there. Portable devices also allow servers to send digital orders to the kitchen as soon as an order is taken. These functions provide a quicker, more personalized service that allows waiters to handle multiple tables simultaneously.

As order frequency increases, printed tickets prove to be less efficient and more of a hassle. Implementing a POS kitchen management monitor will alert kitchen staff when a new order is placed along with any special instructions. By mounting screens on the wall, expeditors and every cook can see incoming requests, increasing service speed, accuracy, and eliminating the risk of misplacing an order. 

Artificial intelligence also has an influence on restaurant technology. Restaurant chatbots are bots which can deliver automated, text-based responses to customers. This is a valuable feature for customer service because they can be made available 24/7. 

Contactless payment processing has become an essential restaurant technology solution. This allows customers to pay using contactless credit/debit cards, or mobile wallets. Contactless payments have several benefits- they can be processed much faster than conventional cash payments or PIN-based card payments and the procedure for actually paying is faster. 

How To Implement New POS Systems

It is important to understand how POS systems can further enhance the restaurant’s front and back of house functions as well as implementation methods. Management should conduct research to find what solutions best fit their needs. Services should not only solve any problems the restaurant has, but also optimize overall efficiency while remaining within budget. 


After installment, it is important for management to train the employees. Employees should understand how to operate the features of each function, and how it affects the workflow. While training, staff should ask for feedback and make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Benefits Of Restaurant Technology

Using a POS system allows servers to double check the customers’ order on a review screen before sending it to the kitchen. Once the order is reviewed and submitted, the kitchen is alerted of the new order and time it was sent. Accessing this data allows the kitchen staff to see what dishes need to be made and in what order, minimizing customer wait time. This ensures orders going out are correctly, eliminating bottlenecking of orders plus reducing food and drink waste. 

POS systems also provide in-depth reports that unmask areas of the operation with excess costs. Insights on labor costs, sales, and inventory provide the necessary data to outline a restaurant’s budget and minimize expenses, therefore increasing profit.  

Modern POS software can typically be integrated with other management software and inventory tracking tools to account for current stock and products. The software allows users to customize a seating map in order to have an efficient seating system. These features not only prevent restaurants from running out of or having an overstock of ingredients, but also decreases guest waiting time.

GoTab’s All-In-One POS

Unlike other systems that treat every order the same, our POS gives you the flexibility to know what your guests order and where they want the order to be delivered. We let you seamlessly transition from counter-service to table-service and back again. 

The GoTab POS lets operators easily adapt to changing consumer preferences and revenue streams while still creating a personal connection with guests. With no monthly fees, you can deploy this new class of POS that works seamlessly with contactless orders. Cloud-based and easy to customize your needs, GoTab’s POS provides always-on, real-time access so you can access your data 24/7, from wherever you can access the internet. Instead of a point-of-sale, you’ll have exponential” point-of-sale” since every guest with a mobile device is empowered to order. 

GoTab Devices

GoTab’s All-In-One POS allows you to: 

  • Share Control: Seamless communication between guest and server initiated tabs.
  • Speed Table Turns: Guests can pace their visit and close out at their convenience while servers can focus on delivering a great experience. 
  • Run with Confidence: Guests and businesses have the ability to order via their phone using basic cell service.

“GoTab has been a boon for us, helping us reduce labor and track financials and inventory. It’s easy for customers and employees to use. We are just a single location pub but our suggestions for features are added regularly and customer support is the best we’ve seen for a POS system”.

Joshua Stanford, Manager at Gourmands Neighborhood Pub in Austin, TX

To deliver the highest quality guest experience, restaurant operators need a POS system that puts their needs first and positions them for the future. GoTab is a restaurant commerce platform built by restaurateurs for restaurateurs. Check out our list of Top Features of the Best Restaurant POS Systems.

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