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QR Codes Are Finally Getting the Attention They Deserve

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With restaurants as one of the business establishments that are implementing change in operations, the future of restaurant dining is defined with new tech trends, with GoTab being one of them.

Growing Use of QR Codes

According to Fortune, the restaurant industry is in a state of flux, the time for introducing these new norms is now. Besides popping up in fast-casual and chain restaurants, QR codes have made an appearance at some of the country’s most rarefied establishments. 

Places where pulling out your phone to see a menu once have seemed as incongruous as being alerted that your table was ready with a vibrating restaurant pager. As QR code use has gained steam in the restaurant industry, it’s opened the door for others in the hospitality sector. WIth the well known chef, José Andrés’s ThinkFoodGroup, their Chief operating officer Eric Martino says that they immediately sought ways to make its operations contactless

“We had to figure out how to keep people safe,” Martino says. “People are not going to want to touch a menu, and how do we do this without having to hold a [credit] card, which puts our team in danger?” “If we could use this technology, we could really help change the game,” he says. As they began reopening restaurants, Martino and his team focused on contactless systems and began using GoTab that enabled their customers to scan a QR code, pull up a digital menu, and, in some of the restaurants, pay through the connected point-of-sale (POS) system.

Easier to Make Changes on the Fly

QR codes have become a ubiquitous no-contact menu option for thousands of restaurants, breweries, and bars. They have opened the doors to more creativity and engagement for many others. Running a full-service dining establishment is challenging, even when you’re fully staffed and running at full capacity. From maintaining food and service quality, to making sure you have the right number of front-of-house staff, as more consumers are heading back out to dine-in experiences, GoTab can help you re-think and better your current full-service model.

Allowing diners to order and pay at their tables without a waiter, however, could have a material impact on sales and diner satisfaction, as it takes pressure off restaurant employees and guests when the dining room is very busy. This is especially valuable now as restaurants are battling the labor crisis.

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