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QR Codes Should Not Be a Replacement for Hospitality

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Fueled by a desire for touchless transactions in addition to new health safety precautions, QR codes have popped up everywhere. Now businesses don’t want to give them up. In a recent segment from Food Service Restaurant Magazine, GoTab’s contactless ordering system was highlighted in an excerpt from GoTab CEO, Tim McLaughlin. The article showcases how mobile payments are changing the way hospitality is getting back to business.

How GoTab Helps Your Business

Throughout hospitality there are two different types of guest interactions: Experiential and Transactional. Experiential interactions consist of one’s food, drink, ambiance, and the fun parts of service like smiles, presentations, recommendations. Where the more tedious parts of service are the Transactional experiences. 

Operators can eliminate the most common guest pain points by deploying the platform. They can operate with limited staff who are fully dedicated to delivering a superlative guest experience. Scaling their business, paying higher wages to their staff, and providing a more financially stable work environment to their team. ​​Restaurants can mix old and new service models to meet guests where they want to be, offering QR code ordering to tech-savvy guests and a more traditional ordering experience via a server for those who opt for a device-free experience.

Caboose Tavern and GoTab

While using the platform, Caboose has easily updated their service model to rapidly evolving regulations and consumer expectations. Based in Northern Virginia and helmed by owner Jennifer McLaughlin, their two massive locations – Caboose Commons and Caboose Tavern – are a popular draw for their local neighborhoods and communities. So both venues benefit from high foot traffic and repeat guests.

By utilizing GoTab, they have been able to optimize its operations through better internal communications systems, staff and guest empowerment, and timely decision-making made possible by access to real-time operational data.

The Difference With GoTab

GoTab offers a digital menu platform that is innovative, well-supported, and looking toward the future of menu management technology.

The platform has helped many customers alike feel safer while dining, but has also kept the restaurant business afloat. Now more than ever, restaurants need the flexibility to change on-the-fly, add 86 items, and ensure you’re offering a menu that appeals to your guests

Collection of devices with GoTab software on screen.

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