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The Next Frontier In Restaurant Tech Is In The Kitchen

Using tech to capture and maximize every sale possible should go hand-in-hand with a tech stack that creates operational efficiencies

Transitioning paper tickets to a digitized, easy-to-use Kitchen Display System unlocks exponential efficiencies. Routing orders is no longer just about getting from point A (order) to point B (the cook who prepares it). A feature-rich system and app can help prioritize which tickets should be handled in what order and when for most efficient prep time and service, with the ability to auto-route tickets by time of day and traffic patterns, manage menus with a click and easily 86 menu items if the kitchen runs out of an ingredient or modifier, or even alert the kitchen when tickets are unattended for too long. Batch ordering rules can make food running more efficient; set an amount of time you want orders to be grouped by and let the KDS do the rest.

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