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RFID System Puts Payments on a Tab Across Multiple Businesses

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GoTab is designed for food courts, festivals, resorts and other sites at which patrons can set up a tab and make payments with the tap of a wristband

GoTab Founder and CEO met with RFID Journal to share how we’re combining the guest-centric conveniences of GoTab with RFID technology to provide faster, easier, more transparent payments for guests and merchants alike.

According to RFID Journal,

The solution, released this year by GoTab, leverages RFID so that consumers can tap their band or card against a reader to charge items from participating locations back to an account, making purchasing more seamless for individuals or groups. The technology is designed to benefit both customers and vendors, the company says, by also making transactions more frequent due to their ease.

GoTab’s RFID solution targets operators at multi-unit or single-unit restaurants, as well as food halls, festivals and other entertainment venues, to provide a quick and easy commerce experience, according to Tim McLaughlin, GoTab’s co-founder and CEO. Since its founding in 2016, the company has offered mobile order and payment technology for the restaurant and hospitality industries. Its solutions include a payment application, in addition to an all-in-one restaurant POS system. The goal was to enable patrons to order and pay for meals or services through a server, or with a payment app on their mobile phones.

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