Stop the Guest Work

Paying a check the old way is work. With GoTab, walk-outs, math anxiety, and check splitting are a thing of the past! Just Order, Pay, and Go.

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The global pandemic continues to push the hospitality industry to embrace technology. In this workshop, delivered at the Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference (MURTEC) in Las Vegas, we hear from innovators in hospitality tech who are putting real strategies in place to improve the guest experience and increase labor productivity.

Part 1

Speaker Intros - GoTab's Impact and Vision

Hear more about GoTab’s background and roadmap, and learn how GoTab maximizes impact via data access and use by building an ecosystem with open APIs.

Part 2

Stone Brewing - Managing Peak Demand

Listen to Rich Sweeney, former Executive Chef at Stone Brewing Co., talk about how using GoTab impacted their business for the better as they transitioned away from Symphony POS.

Part 3

Topgolf - Equipping Bay Hosts for Better Service

Listen to Annie King Cazares, Interim Chief of Staff at Topgolf, and Scott Lovejoy, VP of Technology at Topgolf, discuss the impact GoTab has made on their business operations and how they measure success.

Part 4

How to Manage the Change

Hear from experts in the hospitality industry discuss the change management aspect of moving to technology like GoTab.


Annie King Cazares

Interim Chief of Staff, Topgolf

Scott Lovejoy, VP of Technology, Topgolf

Scott Lovejoy

VP of Technology, Topgolf

Rich Sweeney, Account Executive; Chef Consultant, ScruffyChef

Rich Sweeney

Former Executive Chef, Stone Brewing Co.

Tim McLaughlin, CEO, GoTab Inc.

Tim McLaughlin

CEO, GoTab Inc.

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Stone Brewing's logo
GoTab's logo
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Stop the Guest Work (PDF)

Stop the Guest Work (PDF)

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