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The Comeback of the QR

Comeback of the QR

Pandemic rules may go, but pandemic tools will stay

The Washingtonian brought to light throughout their article on how GoTab has been assisting operating restaurants pre, during, and post pandemic. Helping in augmenting the functionality and revenue of the hospitality industry.

Businesses have adopted to new procedures in order to help them get through the pandemic, and some that helped increase functionality or revenue are not going anywhere. Which means there are hospitality locations —especially those that are short-staffed—will continue using specific QR codes that allow customers to order and pay at their tables without having a dedicated server, not forgetting takeout and delivery.

Scanning the Future

GoTab, which largely provided QR technology to beer gardens and other venues prior to the pandemic, is now being used widely throughout  DC-area restaurants. GoTab has experienced 85-times more transactions since Covid started, and businesses are seeing the benefit. For instance, Maketto, is now operating with 60% fewer front-of-house staff thanks to this new technology. QR codes are able to help eliminate guests waiting for a busy server to process the bill. At Espita, the restaurant has been able to cut down 30 minutes per table, allowing the Mexican restaurant to accommodate more diners.

Stronger than before

The hospitality landscape still looks foreign when comparing it to March 1st of last year, and many business owners are taking it much slower when it comes to ramping up to pre-pandemic levels—some out of a concern for safety, and for many others, a lack of resources after a year that drained their finances and labor from the industry. Many restaurant in the current climate have been “floating along” as revenue is not where it should be.

With the help of GoTab these restaurant owners are able to get back to the way things were.

79 percent of respondents worldwide say they are now using contactless payments. But many restaurant patrons crave the nostalgia of ordering the “old way”. GoTab allows you to give each guest the option that works best for them. Restaurant owners want to make sure their staff and their guests do feel safe. And at  the same time, they want to ensure their guests feel cared for. The great news is that you no longer have to choose between the two.

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