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Themed Menus & Promotions – Get Ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

st patricks day

It’s one of the biggest days for bars and restaurants. All over the country, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are displayed in themed menus and drinks. You can do the same, start now!

Already serve some traditional Irish food? Consider putting it in its own menu to garner more attention.

Mobile—or contactless—menus are part of an ongoing global trend to increase efficiency, sanitation, and sustainability. Additionally, they provide operators with new ways to engage their guests with interactive branding, marketing, ordering, and tailored service while facilitating seamless payment processing. 

With GoTab mobile menus, you don’t have to spend a lot of time creating a special menu for the festive day.

Special menus support all the features available with a regular menu. So for example, those with specific dietary needs or preferences, can easily  search, filter, or sort.

patricks day menu

Announce It. Not all your guests will be following you on social media, so use notices to make everyone aware of all your specials and fun events taking place.

  • What is a notice and what is it used for?
    • A notice is mass communication to all of your guests. Once a QR code is scanned, it will pop up for all of your guests. It is completely customizable for whatever you want your guests to see. You’re able to tell your customers your new offerings and pick up hours. Link to presale menu to make it easier for guests. 
  • How to set up a notice. 
    • In the manager dashboard, under Configure, find “notices”. There, you have the ability to select where the notices will appear, for how many days, when, as well as add any buttons that you’d like. 

Remember! March Madness is starting as well. Set up coupons & discounts to get guests excited to watch the matches at your venue.

Top Ways to Use GoTab Coupons to Sell More:

Reward Returners

Offer a complimentary item or a discount on their next visit.

Sell to Compel

Identify your customers’ average spend and incentivize them to spend more.

Traffic Drivers

Create a special code, URL, or QR, that offers a free item for first time customers. You can use across all your channels; i.e., website, social, and event print flier.

Birds of a Feather

Give your top customers their personalized discount code to share.

Busy Dining Room?

Add a coupon as an incentive to use take-out.

GoTab Coupons give you almost infinite flexibility to customize your offers for new guests, returning guests, and even your big spenders. Check out Top Ways to Use GoTab Coupons to Sell More.

Do you have more questions as to what you can do to prepare for the Holidays?

Contact your customer success manager. We’re here to help!

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