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Top Kitchen Display System Features In The Restaurant Industry

Kitchen Display System

A kitchen display system (KDS) is a digital screen system used in restaurants to manage custom orders. It assists restaurants in organizing, prioritizing, changing, and tracking orders. Purchasing a kitchen display system can be a beneficial investment for a restaurant. However, not all systems are created the same, and many lack features that can improve your operations. To choose the best kitchen display system, you have to consider what features you will need to manage your restaurant efficiently. Below are some must have features to look for in a KDS. 

KDS Feature: Batch Ordering

Batch orders are designed to make the delivery of food and drinks to your dine-in customers more efficient. Set an amount of time (in seconds) that you want your orders to be grouped and let the kitchen display system handle the rest.

KDS Feature: 86 & Disable Items

Run out of a menu item or modifier? Quickly and easily 86 menu items or update inventory levels straight from the kitchen display system to update statuses across your platforms instantly.

KDS Feature: Prep Time Delays

Set expectations with guests when you’re backed up. Display how long an item may take, and display custom delays when you are busy. Easily enable coupons or discounts on backed-up items or whole orders to appease your guests.

KDS Feature: Two-Way Texting

With two-way SMS communication, your guests are always kept informed. Respond to guest feedback in real-time straight from your kitchen display system. You can send pre-written texts or personalized messages. Help clarify incoming orders or update customers on their prep times and order status efficiently and quickly.

KDS Feature: Customized Station Settings

By segmenting your customers, you can create special rules, discounts, and notices based on the group. This allows you to easily manage the customers that fall into different categories.

KDS Feature: Basic Routing

The KDS will route food to specific stations, for example grill, pantry, fryer, etc. Routing makes sure that food items are moving in the right direction.

KDS Feature: meal Coursing

After a server rings up an order, a meal coursing feature allows you to send groups of items (appetizers, entrees, desserts) to the kitchen all at once. You can set up rules for when your kitchen display system will display items in a meal, based on when they are supposed to get brought to the table (source: hospitality tech). This ensures you deliver each item when it should be, allowing guests to enjoy freshly prepared meals.

A Feature-Rich Kitchen Display System For All Your Kitchen Needs

GoTab’s kitchen display system helps improve the efficiency of your kitchen by helping you categorize each item for your space so the order can be fulfilled by the right staff. Whether orders are getting sent straight to the KDS or to the paper printer, your team will never need to run around searching for an order, ever again.


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