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Top Ways To Use GoTab Coupons To Sell More

GoTab Coupons give you infinite flexibility to customize your offers for new guests, returning guests, and even your big spenders. Check out the many ways in which operators can use GoTab coupons and discounts to increase sales.

Drive Traffic: Create a special code, URL, or QR that offers a complimentary item for first time customers.

Let’s focus on getting people in the door. With GoTab’s discount and coupons feature, you are able to target first time customers by creating a special coupon to use on their next visit.

Example: a pizza place would be able to create a coupon for a free slice on your first order, print out a couple flyers with QR codes and distribute them to neighboring businesses or share it on social!

Reward Returners: Offer a complimentary item or a discount on their next visit.

Nothing is more valuable to hospitality than a loyal customer. Let your guests know how valued they are by offering a complimentary item or discount on their next visit. 

Example: Create a segment of your customers that have visited your establishment at least 3 times and send them a coupon for 20% off their next visit. 

Sell to Compel: Identify your customers’ average spend and incentivize them to spend more.

Find your customers’ average order value under sales in the GoTab Manager dashboard. A great way to utilize coupons is to create a minimum spend above the average order value and offer a % discount. With this, you are getting the customer excited about spending more as they know they will be saving something as well.

Example: If your average order value is $30, create a discount in which customers will need to spend at least $40 to get 10% off. 

Birds of a Feather: Give your top customers their personalized discount code to share with friends.

Nothing brings foodies together more than discounted meals. Send out discount codes and encourage friends to share with each other. Only one code applicable per table so they’re incentivized to enjoy the discount on separate occasions. 

Example: A pizza shop can send out a coupon with the code “PizzaTime” valid for only 30 days, to a select group of customers and encourage them to share! 

Busy dining room? Add a coupon as an incentive to use take-out.

Do you have a smaller dining room area and are overwhelmed with guests? Do you tend to have longer wait times? GoTab gives you the ability to create coupons applicable to just take-out and delivery. Share via email and socials channels whenever you feel it’s necessary to control the number of dine-in guests. 

Example: You may have a big party occupying a majority of the tables but still have customers inquiring about dining-in. Create a coupon for 10% off on take-out orders and share it on your various platforms.

Now, how do you get all of these messages in the hands of your guests?

Your discounts and coupons have been created. Now what? On your manager dashboard, create a new announcement to share your coupons with customers. You’re able to decide where and to who a specific notice is shown. Segment it based on the type of menu or what zone it is. 

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