Keep the Hospitality and the Revenue with GoTab

A Smart Alternative to Venuenext

GoTab is the industry-leading QR-based ordering system that is helping savvy operators earn more profit through increased check sizes and reduced labor costs.

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike Venuenext, the GoTab QR-based ordering platform requires no special hardware and no long-term contracts. With no app downloads required, guests can open a tab, order and pay from their mobile device. Servers can interact seamlessly with guest tabs and accept all forms of payment — card-less, credit card, and cash.

With our “No POS” solution, GoTab operators get quick activation, can deploy on old  hardware, and integrate with existing printers. With full-featured, no-cost Kitchen Display App, Manager App and Host Display App, operators get all the features of a full POS with none of the headache.

Designed by Restaurateurs -- For Restaurateurs

GoTab was built from the ground up by restaurant operators. We created a unique set of features to make every guest touch point effortless, and provide a clear pricing advantage over legacy POS systems like Valuenext.

GoTab makes the hospitality experience better for operators and guests.

Grow Your Business with Limited Staff

Open and Share Tabs Between Servers and Guests

GoTab helps businesses increase revenue as more guests order, and guests order more! 

Run On Your Old Hardware - iOS-, Android-, Windows-Enabled Devices

Orders will print to your existing printers.

No App Downloads Needed

We’ve found that many diners often have a better experience when in control of their ordering and payment process. All guests get more attention and better service from servers.

Quick & Easy Set Up

We’ll create your menu and provide a template for your QR codes, you just stick them on your tables.

Manage Your QR-based Menu in Real-Time

86 Items Directly from the Kitchen Display System (KDS)

"GoTab has been great for our business here since reopening. We've received a lot of great guest comments [about how] safe, fast and easy [it is]. They enjoy using it." -Kevin McCarthy, Executive Chef at Guinness Open Gate Brewery


POS Setup


Monthly Fees

2.49% + 25¢

Per Transaction

20% Higher
Average Covers

Open, Share, Split Tab Functionality

Contactless Pay &

Speed Table Turns, Eliminate Walk-Outs

Lowest Base
Transaction Costs

2.49% of transaction + $0.25 per transaction

2-Way Text

Open, Share, Split Tab Functionality

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