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Webinar Recap- Tech Will Be The Way Forward For Restaurants

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GoTab was built from the ground up to help operators grow profit. Our CEO, Tim McLaughlin, started GoTab after successfully exiting an e-commerce agency and then running his own breweries. He saw the opportunity to introduce e-commerce into the dining experience in a way that helps operators increase their profit without sacrificing service. 

Since then, GoTab operators have increased sales by as much as 100%, reduced operating costs by up to 30%, and increased profit by as much as 300%. How are they doing it?

In three ways: 

  • Reducing labor costs;
  • Reducing their cost of goods (through more efficient operations);
  • Giving their guests more control, which leads to increased sales.

The Elephant In The Room

Although they got a lot of businesses through the pandemic, there’s a segment of the hospitality industry that believes mobile order & pay-at-table solutions take away from the experience. They think people don’t want to order on their phones. They think service is about people not technology – and we agree, but also believe they offer a way to help people be more effective in the service experience. 

Other common misconceptions include:

  • People don’t want to order on their phones 
  • Guests will feel ignored
  • Staff will feel replaced
  • Change isn’t necessary, plus it still hurts sales

The Biggest Pain In Today’s Hospitality Business

Everyone is talking about labor, and inflation, but some of the most critical issues in hospitality are in the actual experience of delivering and receiving service. The average server is spending too much time on transactional tasks – taking orders, splitting checks, correcting orders, communicating with the kitchen, etc. In those scenarios, guests become frustrated, and what does that look like? 

“I’m enjoying my conversation with friends and family. Wait… the server’s shift is ending so I need to close out the tab”.

“I’m ready to go… wait, I can’t leave until I get the server’s attention”.

“I’m dining with my friends and we asked for a split check. Wait… I gotta pull out the calculator because the server brought one check”.

These are just a few of the issues guests experience when servers are spending all their time on transactions! So what would it look like if operators empowered their guests to place orders for themselves? Operators who empower their guests make more money. They get first party ordering information and they get to upsell on every order!

In this webinar, we give you the tools to overcome some of these misconceptions and dive into 3 secrets about hospitality today:

  1. There’s an easy way to help your servers be more efficient
  2. Guests will do the work for you
  3. There’s an easy button

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