Toast vs. GoTab

When searching for a robust and easy-to-use point-of-sale with advanced features for your business, GoTab and Toast are two great options.

GoTab Excels at Guest-Centric Service Models

What to Consider When Choosing a POS Provider

Guest-Centric Design

Your POS is the foundation of your guest experience. That means it needs to give you the flexibility to adjust to your guests’ ordering and payment preferences. At the same time, it should increase your efficiency to keep your overhead low.

Simplified Complexity

Above all, today’s consumer is seeking out experiences that they can enjoy with maximum ease. That takes a system that handles a lot more than just order taking. GoTab’s customizable platform has you covered with a platform that will grow with your business.

Responsive Support

When you're running a busy shift or slammed with an event, it’s never ok to have to wait for customer support. That’s why GoTab keeps your hours. That means you’re bound to get a response from a real person virtually 24 x 7, 365 via phone, chat or in-app messaging.

Optimized Fulfillment

GoTab’s end-to-end restaurant commerce platform is “Designed for DeliveryTM”. It’s the only platform that is built from the ground up to focus on near premises delivery features that other platforms ignore. We help you get the right order to the right guest with the optimal route.

Comparison Details: GoTab vs Toast


When it comes to pricing you can rely on both GoTab and Toast to be upfront with you about the fees and monthly costs. Toast and GoTab have similar processing rates and both offer free monthly packages.

The key advantage with GoTab is that it offers a range of products and features that cater to all types of operations. Here's how GoTab saves you money:

  • You won’t get charged extra for vital products or support that streamlines your business
  • You have the option to purchase your own hardware or buy GoTab-branded hardware if preferred
  • You can operate with “Open Tabs” which allows staff and guests to continuously order off one tab throughout their visit, meaning you save on processing fees because guests only pay once during their experience
  • Enterprise pricing is available and customized to your operation
GoTab’s Processing Fees and Pricing Information

Toast offers four pricing packages: free, core, growth, and build your own, depending on the nature of your operation. Their processing rates and monthly fees are relatively standard. Toast’s pricing models do not include all of their features, so depending on what your operation needs, you may be paying more. They do allow you to add on just specific features and products for an additional monthly fee if you need them.

Overall, the costs of both solutions differ. With GoTab, you will have access to all of the features that your business needs at no additional cost. Whereas with Toast, you may have to pay for a higher monthly subscription to ensure your operation has what you need.

Real-Time Support

GoTab and Toast both offer support and comprehensive support articles if you want to look up a quick question or take control and learn on your own. However, there are some key differences when it comes to real-time support.

GoTab's round-the-clock support is available via phone, SMS, chat (accessed through the KDS and Manager Dashboard), or email with an average 4 minute response time. You get a dedicated support team that consists of hospitality professionals. Our support team is sourced in-house, so they will always understand your issues.

  • GoTab offers 24/7x365 support with a real person
  • Onboarding team to get your operation up and running
  • Team dedicated to training you on our system
  • Dedicated account manager to help you post go-live

Similar to GoTab, Toast provides a range of support options to assist their operators. These include support articles and training programs, 24/7 phone support, and the added benefit of an onboarding manager. However, there are notable differences between the two platforms.

GoTab sets itself apart by offering a dedicated Account Manager, completely free of charge, once your operation is up and running and processing transactions. Additionally, GoTab provides in-app chat support, allowing seamless communication within the application. And, GoTab extends support through SMS, enabling you to reach out to us using the method that suits you best.

Mobile Order & Payment Solutions

Guest-initiated on-premise mobile ordering has become popular for dine-in, quick-service, and take-out operations. Both GoTab and Toast offer QR ordering solutions, however, there are a few key differences between the major features offered.

With Easy Tab, GoTab lets the tab travel with your guest. And because you get to guide guests through the initial setup process, it’s a seamless process that puts your servers in the drivers seat. No other system has the capability today.

Guests can start their tab at a bar, and carry the same tab to the table when they’re seated. No more closing out the tab at the bar. Additionally, our tab-sharing allows guests to place orders together as a group, while guest item splitting makes tab-splitting a fast and “math-free” exercise.

With guest coursing, guests can pace their meal to their liking so their order fires to the kitchen in the order that they desire. And lastly, GoTab makes it easy for guests and staff to interact with one another, with optional two-way text communication via the GoTab KDS. Operators can also utilize our notices to communicate important information such as a long wait time, happy hour, or holiday specials.

GoTab excels by giving guests the ultimate control over their dining experience.

More About Mobile Order & Payment Solutions

Kitchen Management

GoTab is purpose-built to help your kitchen run more efficiently by easily optimizing both front-of-house and back-of-house operations. Your GoTab KDS, included at no additional cost as part of our Restaurant Commerce Platform, allows you to streamline communication with the front-of-house with essential features such as assigning new stock levels, setting product delays, 86/disabling items. With an emphasis on delivering guest-centric service, we let you communicate directly with guests to clarify orders or alert them to delays.

From an operation standpoint, you get to customize your displays for each position and/or station within your venue and optimize routing with smart prep times. In the back end, chefs can view and edit their inventory levels, create customizable product mix reports, view their fulfillment times, and update their items in real-time. Features like order batching, flexible routing and real-time menu updates are huge efficiency drivers in the kitchen. What’s more, in-app support and product delay features are unmatched in systems like Toast.

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Complex Operations

GoTab won’t lock you out of using advanced features. All features are available in our Restaurant Commerce Platform at no additional cost. Its cutting-edge QR ordering & payment, integrated POS, Pass RFID, two-way text communication, and Marketplace features, are all available and ideal for operations with complex operations.

Let's break this down together:


GoTab has best-in-class integrations so you can keep innovating. We work with best of breed solutions so that it can flexibly fit your location, allowing for a continued focus on the core real-time operational experience.

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How We Stand Apart

Our cloud platform and open APIs will give you the tools to grow your business. We have a very different DNA - an eCommerce centric DNA. Here are just a few of our industry-leading innovations:

We’re Here for You

GoTab and Toast are both excellent choices in your search for a new POS. It really comes down to the type of operation you run, the features you need, and which one of these solutions best positions you to grow your business.

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GoTab works fantastically for us! It does exactly what we need, gets people in, gets a drink in their hand, and gets them on their way; we are very happy about it. Being across from a large concert venue means we need to serve guests promptly and efficiently; GoTab does that for us!

Chris McCarrick

Owner, Craftworx Taproom

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