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Take Control of Your Online Ordering

Eliminate third-party commissions, increase your profit margin. With GoTab, you can seamlessly accept orders from your website, social media channels, email, or any other platform where you interact with your guests.
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Convenience Without Compromising Service

Real-Time Menu Management

Enjoy flexibility and control over how your guests experience your menu. Set up daily, seasonal, and special event menus based on your business needs.

Two-Way Text Communication

Clarify incoming orders, update customers on order status or substitutions quickly and efficiently.

Reduce 3rd Party Delivery Fees

Restaurants can establish their own online ordering platform and delivery systems.

‍Guest Loyalty

Obtain first-party data to create a MugClub, offer specialty menus, or create coupons for your VIP guests.

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With GoTab, our guests can experience the fresh, classic BBQ known to this area without the long lines. So many families and groups dine with us, and now they can enjoy their experience and leave whenever they want to– a complete game changer for us. Plus, with real-time analytics, we can manage our plate cost and continue to offer high-quality ingredients we are proud of amid increased food costs.

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How Online Ordering with GoTab Works

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    Enable GoTab's Online Ordering

    Set up GoTab's Online Ordering system on your website, social media channels, email, or any other platform where you interact with your guests.

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    Guests Place Orders

    When guests visit your online platforms, they can easily browse your menu and place their orders directly through GoTab's Online Ordering system.

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    Own Guest Communication

    By using GoTab's Online Ordering, you gain control over guest communication. You can directly engage with customers, ensuring a personalized experience and maintaining service quality.

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    Increase Profit Margins

    By eliminating third-party commissions, you retain the full profit from the orders placed through GoTab's Online Ordering. This helps you increase your profit margin and maintain better control over your business finances.

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Offer Takeout and Delivery Directly to Your Guests

Enhanced Guest Experience

With GoTab, long lines and guest wait times are eliminated, resulting in a more seamless and efficient experience for customers.

Real-Time Menu Updates

Run out of a menu item or a modifier? You can 86 menu items or update inventory levels right from the line. The item is automatically updated on the guest menu in real-time.

In-App Support

Have a question? Experiencing an issue? Our best-rated, restaurant-savvy customer support is ready and available via one tap in-app. Start chatting instantly with the GoTab team and get back to doing what you do best. Get help from real people 24x7.

Increased Revenue Potential

Merchants using GoTab can enjoy higher check averages, with potential increases of up to 40%, thanks to the frictionless ordering system that encourages customers to order more.

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Solutions for Online Ordering

Empower your restaurant with customizable menus, data ownership for guest relationships, and streamlined operations for enhanced efficiency and cost savings.

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Branded Menus

On-Premise and online ordering for all your vendors with ability to support pre-orders, catering, and take away.

Guest Experience

Give guests the option to choose how they want to be served. Guests can enjoy self-service via mobile ordering and payment or if they prefer, have a server at the table.

Mobile Order & Pay

Incorporate multiple menus into your marketplace. Guests can conveniently order and explore them all.

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