Resources for GoTab in the Media

Thank you for taking the time to spread the word about GoTab! Our product and brand mean the world to us, and we strive to treat both with respect and love. We put together this resource to make it easy for you to do the same.

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GoTab at FL Brewers Guild

Talking About GoTab

Here are a few ways to describe us – you can copy these descriptions directly or use them as a starting point for your story.

Short Description

GoTab empowers consumers with mobile order & pay technology that puts them in control. GoTab operators run lean, profitable hospitality operations with easy-to-use restaurant commerce tools. With mobile ordering, mobile payment, and an all-in-one Restaurant POS, GoTab streamlines hospitality operations for consumers and operators.

Long Description

GoTab, Inc., a Restaurant Commerce Platform (RCP), is helping large- and mid-sized restaurants, breweries, bars, hotels and other venues run lean, profitable operations while making guests even more satisfied.

GoTab uniquely allows patrons to order and pay through a server (without a smartphone), or order and pay directly from their own mobile phones, or blend the two experiences all on one tab, through its easy-to-use mobile point-of-sale (POS), contactless ordering and payment features, and kitchen management systems (KMS). The guest never has to download a mobile app or create a password.

Operators get industry-leading features and actionable data that can be rapidly deployed and adapted to their unique requirements for dramatically reduced costs. Founded in 2016, GoTab processes over $250M transactions per year with operations across 35 U.S. states and growing. Learn more at

Woman using iPhone.

Key Benefits of Using GoTab

  • No hardware or software required
  • No app download required
  • Full e-commerce capabilities with no software to install
  • Easy to use contactless ordering and payment technology
  • Best of breed integrations with 7shifts, MarginEdge, Quickbooks, Omnivore, and more
  • Open tabs that can be added to or closed by guests and staff alike
  • 100% menu control with real time edits and flexible inventory management
Customer scanning QR code.

Product Photos

Looking for photos of our product? We’re happy to help! Download some of our favorites with the link below.

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User Photos

We love our users – they are the heart and soul of our company. If you need a photo of GoTab in use, follow the link below.

Stone Brewing exterior view.

Venue Photos

We work with some amazing companies and their location can’t be beat. Follow the link below to see some of GoTab’s venues.

GoTab logos.

GoTab Logos

We work with some amazing companies and their location can’t be beat. Follow the link below to see some of GoTab’s venues.